Thursday, June 4, 2020

All Races Suffer from Police Violence -

Americans are so brainwashed that even some of my readers cannot believe that police violence affects more white people than black people.  The majorty of victims are white; but dispoportionately (blacks are a smaller percent of the population) they are black. In turn, this disproportion can be explained by the fact that according to US Department of Justice statistics, blacks commit a disproportion of homocides. Being only 13% of the population, blacks commit 52% of murders. Consequently, police regard confrontations with blacks as being more dangerous to police, and this affects police behavior. 
As I have explained, Americans are unaware of the facts for these reasons:
 (1) The presstitutes do not report (except locally) police violence against white people, because it does not fit the white racism explanation.
 (2) Unlike blacks, white people do not protest.  Whites have not been educated to regard violence against themselves as racism or as something specifically to do with being white. Moreover, there is no national reporting or days of national news coverage of police violence used against whites, so no one, white or black, is aware of the extent of police violence against white people.  Therefore, white people tend to give the police the benefit of the doubt.  White complaints are also restrained by the fear that coming down too hard on police will make the police more hesitant and less effective in law enforcement.
 (3) The Identity Politics that dominates our time has no interest in destroying its white racist explanation of US society.  Indeed, the strengthening of the racist explanation of America is the purpose of the New York Times 1619 Project.