Sunday, June 21, 2020

Vox Popoli: The only way to win (Is to begin - NOW! - CL)

Miles Mathis may not be Christian, but he understands the central importance of holding to the truth:
They tell me I can't win.  What hope is there when my allies are a bunch of people wearing face masks who will believe anything?  But they are missing the point, as usual.  I HAVE ALREADY WON, because I have successfully separated myself from the rulers of the Earth.  I have separated myself from their perverted history, their perverted ideas, their perverted art, their perverted science, and their perverted sexuality.   I have been offered their corruption and refused it.

Remember, we recently saw Neil DeGrasse Tyson admitting this was all a test, and we saw me answering him that this was indeed a test, but a different one entirely than he thought, on a different level entirely.  Many or most people don't understand why they are here.  Why were they born on this mysterious Earth?  What is the point of it all?  Well, it is indeed a test.  The ancient texts in all religions tell you this, and they are not wrong.  You were installed for a short lifetime on a corrupt planet to test your response.  Will you go along with this corruption, and if so how far?  We are all being tested in the same basic way, even Natives who would seem to have no real connection to these rulers of the Earth.  Natives still have to decide whether to go along with the corruption of “the white man”, and if so how far.  In this sense, the Phoenicians actually have the toughest test of all, since they are installed here closest to the center.  They aren't tested from afar, they are tested by their own brothers and sisters and parents.  Just imagine how terrible that must be, and how difficult it must be for them to escape.

The further away from that nest you were born, the more grateful you should be—though you probably earned that distance in a previous life.

You don't win here on Earth by getting rich or powerful. You don't win by controlling those around you.  You don't win by winning wars or shootouts or debates.  That is precisely how you LOSE.  You win by separating yourself as far as possible from these corrupt governors and governments.  You win by refusing to let them corrupt you.

To paraphrase a well-known Boomerism, he who dies with the greater part of his soul uncorrupted wins.

Does the above sound vaguely familiar? From 2015……………..

Another recent article I sent out was this, by Paul Rosenberg: 

“Not long ago, with these ideas in mind, I wrote this to a friend: It is fully corrupt, from top to bottom, and I don’t believe there are any “good guys” inside, waiting for “the right time.” It is OVER.
I withdraw. I forsake them. I refuse to waste my energy on their politics. Humanity deserves better and I aim to do my part in building it.
I will shed no tears when this system finally collapses – it will be a liberation.
From here on, I’ll build new things and will have nothing to do with the old.
My friend – a good man – agreed.
The good and productive people of this world deserve something better than the abusive dominators that seek to control their every move, and we are more than capable of building it. But we have to stop waiting for permission from the lords of the status quo – they will never give us permission to bypass their domination.
We have to make our own decisions and simply start building something better. We are able, and this system is unworthy of our efforts.
Now would be a very good time to start.”

“No, don’t hide in a cave – ‘simply start building something better’ – right within your own family, friends and community. Become informed – read and analyze – challenge your own long held beliefs. Do they hold up to careful scrutiny? Are you stuck with pre-suppositions that cloud every interpretation of new information? We will get into some serious confrontations here with our long held opinions that we consider to be factual. You think I am kidding? If you begin to diligently read and research the Limbraw Library here, as well as other sources - carefully compare and contrast the content - you will come to the conclusion that almost ALL of  what you learned in public school and DaEveningNews about the 20th century, for example, was not just usual national propaganda - it was outrageous LYING by our political leadership! In the last 15-20 years, I have come to admit that I have had to change almost everything I had accepted as gospel truth - it is quite humbling!” – copied from -

Had enough yet?