Sunday, June 28, 2020

What The Bourgeois Bolsheviks Want, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

The ongoing anti-white rampage of the Unpopular Front — Millennial lumpen-bourgeoisie, black criminals, academics, journalists, and woke capital — has led to more questions than answers.
Some call them communists, but the terrorists do not have any economic demands. On the contrary, they have a close relationship with corporate America. Conservatives are desperate to link them to the Democratic Party, but they don’t support Biden and have long forgotten Bernie. Others wish to blame foreign intelligence services to build energy for discredited neo-conservatism, but the Chinese are mostly sitting back and laughing at America.
The Unpopular Front’s targets for violence (social, economic and physical) are usually white working people not educated in the cutting edge of political correctness. The primary target is local police officers, who have a median salary of $52,000 a year, which is paltry compared to the $21,000 Black Lives Matter figurehead Shaun King charges to speak for an hour. All they do is punch down.
They have no party. They mindlessly repeat slogans and use their power to crush those who disagree, due to a lack of policy proposals or ideas. They’re a headless chicken running around attacking any figure and person with a white face. Their terrorist acts more or less enjoy immunity from prosecution by the Department of Justice, whose prosecutors and agents share Bourgeois Bohemian class solidarity and sympathy with the rioters.
As far as direction, the rioters appear to be activated largely by the Jewish press, targeting statues listed by publications like the New York Times or Washington Postas racist. The ideas and history of the 1619 Project, christened official institutional ideology by New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, is the only important text the anarchists and Black Lives Matter groups seem to be inspired by.
So What Do They Want?
So the question is, what do the rioters want? The jobs and power of their older colleagues.
Peter Turchin’s elite overproduction theory partially supports this view. When it comes to societies on the the cusp of civil war, Turchin has found a pattern: universities producing a glut of lawyers, academics and other ambitious professionals vying for managerial positions that outnumber job openings
The result of this in the American context has been the quiet collapse in the compensation and social status given for legal, media and academic work.
Over 50% of college professors today are adjuncts — part time workers making about $3,000 per three-credit course. The numbers are even more lopsided if we select for generation, e.g., Millennial professors. 75% of college professors are not on track to tenure, a guarantee of academic freedom that is now little more than a relic.
In the legal field, only 63% of law graduates obtain employment in their trained field. Many of these people go on to work for anti-white nonprofit litigation firms funded by oligarchs, where they generally make less than $40,000 a year despite being saddled with debt. This appears to be the case of at least one of two of the anarchists arrested for throwing bombs at a rally.
In the media, a freelance journalist could once upon a time support himself and his family. This is no longer true in the age of digital publishing, which has become an extended internship for those aspiring to work at a real newspaper or corporation. Major digital publication figures like HuffPo’s black lesbian Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen or Buzzfeed’s Jewish EIC Ben Smith have in 2020 moved on greener media pastures. Most Millennial freelance journalists, the majority who grew up in wealthy homes, live in cramped Brooklyn apartments with others like them, rationing their Extra-Firm Whole Foods Tofu and Ketamine supply until Mom and Dad wire money at the end of the month.
The outcome of this is that the politically important fields of higher education, media and law select for left-liberal fanatics– largely Jewish and white but also some upper class nonwhites — who 1) require a privileged background in order to have families supplementing their income indefinitely, 2) must demonstrate particular ideological fervor in advancing the ruling class’ agenda in order to score a job and advance, especially if they are of non-Jewish European descent.
This helps explain the ‘Bourgeois Bolshevik’ phenomenon. The bloodiest terror is happening inside our institutions, with a younger class of hate filled demagogues scalping their older colleagues in order to replace them.
The starving and scorned Millennial professionals are tired of warming the bench and waiting for older liberals to retire. Many of these older white liberals being driven out of administrative positions in academia, media and other important institutions still believe in some form of free speech and don’t necessarily want to kill people for their race.
The Millennial professional middle class ghouls, mostly white sexual deviants, careerists and Jews, have allies in the Jewish super-elite.
Many scratched their heads when Jewish New York Times heir A.G. Sulzberger sided with young extremists in his newsroom over the publication of a sitting US Senator’s Op-Ed, which led to the firing of 54-year-old opinion editor James Bennett.
Some claimed it was cowardice from the neo-liberal establishment, but Sulzberger is eager to acquiesce. Jews at the New York Times have recently gone to war with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and its editor for resisting an internal Millennial revoltand standing by an opinion piece called “Racism is the new McCarthyism.” The New York Times then spit vitriol against the paper after asking two young “journalists” on staff who openly support Black Lives Matter to recuse themselves from covering the riots.
At the prestigious Cambridge, the English faculty’s external affairs officer — the Jew Lisa Gold — responded to outcry over critical theory malcontent Priyamvada Gopal claiming “white lives don’t matter” by recommending her for a promotion to full professorship.
Generally speaking, academics in the hard sciences ignore the absurdities of what is taught at the humanities at their schools. But no longer. At the University of Plymouth, an activist gave administrators a long list of tweets liked by acclaimed physicist Dr. Mike McCulloch. He is now under investigation.
Anarchists in particular have weaponized accusations of sexual harassment and racism to dislodge the old guard and turn popular institutions into circuses they are the ringleaders of. The work of “antifa” members like Jamie Peck and others like her to frame men associated with the Vice brand for sexual assault allowed for people in her social circle to infiltrate and take over the company’s news and commentary room. Vice went from a bastion of transgressive free speech, publishing Jim Goad under the direction of Gavin McInnes, to a publication that seems to only hire rabid political correctors in “antifa.”
The majority of college educated Millennials do not believe in the right to free speech, due process, or democracy — a number that would come close to 100% if we only polled the media, law, government or academic classes.
For this reason, Jews appear to be accelerating their ascendance to power in a time when baby boomer liberals, with watered down views, continue to hold on to positions past their primes. The promise of their moment about to arrive will encourage professional Millennials on the fence to double down on their vocal signaling in favor of psychotic and unpopular policies favored by the elite.
Powerful Jews are overseeing and encouraging these internal revolutions at newsrooms, FBI stations and corporate boardrooms because the Millennials they have working for them have been selected for the anti-white fanaticism Jews feel needs to be tapped to end the rise of white populism through force.
The good news is that white Millennials outside of these tiny cliques are also radicalizing in the direction of nationalism and racialism.
The outcome of this Kosher revolution will be the crowning of Millennial Yagodas and Dzerzhinsky the dispensers of terror in our country in what Jews perceive to be a national emergency of white consciousness.
The Unpopular Front’s attacks on the majority will intensify as boomers begin to pass on. An era of violence and strife that makes current left-wing antics look mild lies ahead.