Wednesday, November 9, 2022

A Limited Steal - Vox Popoli

 Looks like the Lords of Democracy didn’t trust that they could survive two years of a Republican House and Senate, so they put their thumb on the vote counts in a few key races here and there, particularly in the Senate.

Things were looking dicey for a bit, but John Fetterman has pulled off a win for Pennsylvania’s open U.S. Senate seat over Mehmet Oz, NBC News projects. The lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania’s victory in the battleground state is a critical part of the Democrats’ bid to fight off a GOP takeover of the Senate.

Fetterman’s journey to the Senate was a roller coaster ride. In the Democratic primaries, his history of campaigning for Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and supporting single-payer health care won the ire of the private health insurance sector. After he won, leftists took interest in Fetterman as an attractive model for populist messaging while radiating everyman vibes, exemplified by Fetterman’s hoodies, tattoos and casual conversational style as a campaigner.

Another defining issue was Fetterman’s recovery from a major stroke he suffered in May. The stroke drastically reduced his ability to campaign and interfered with his ability to speak, and auditory processing issues meant he had to use closed captioning to take questions at a debate with Oz. While Oz used Fetterman’s recovery to question his fitness for office, Fetterman was able to maintain the trust of voters.

The Democrats really seem to like brain-damaged puppets who aren’t even capable of speaking coherently on their own. And if we are to believe the electoral Narrative, the voters just love them too!

Anyhow, I was wrong. Since Republicans weren’t going to interfere with either a) propping up the banks, b) Ukraine and Taiwan, or c) Israel, I assumed the Lords of Democracy would permit a big Republican wave in order to make things look legitimate for their next big Presidential steal. But apparently things are a little dicier for them these days than I’d assumed.


It should be informative to compare the total vote numbers to the previous three elections. But regardless, it’s obvious that what presently passes for “democracy” in the USA is a total sham.

UPDATE: Whatever ARE the odds? NBC reports that the Democrats managed a clean sweep of every single “toss-up” race.

Dems Take All 34 Toss-Up Seats