Friday, November 4, 2022

Is the Golden Age for Jews Coming to an End? Some Jews Think so. – The Occidental Observer - by RockaBoatus

 A recent article published in The Jerusalem Post by Adam Milstein laments what appears to be the end of the Jewish golden age: “Why the Golden Age for Jews in America is Coming to an End” (10/19/2022).

Milstein attributes this apparent end to an array of factors, such as rising anti-Semitism, a fading memory of the Holocaust, ideological polarization and liberalism, growing support for the Palestinian people, resulting in an increasing number of personal attacks on Jews.

The author is concerned that American Jews are starting to experience the same type of violent attacks that European Jews have been experiencing for the past decade—with no apparent decline in Jewish power in the media and political arena. Nevertheless, Jews are fearful of wearing their kippot in public or anything that might identify them as Jewish.

Milstein also seems to view anti-Zionism as no different than anti-Semitic hatred of Israel, and he blames the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for much of it (presumably by those of “the Squad,” including outspoken Muslims such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib):

The “New Antisemitism,” also known as anti-Zionism or hatred of Israel as an acceptable stand-in for the classical hatred of Jews, initially gained currency in universities and in leftist intellectual circles. It has since metastasized to much of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Today, several U.S. congresswomen have claimed that Jewish Americans have dual national loyalties. These elected leaders call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions of Israel with a vehemence they reserve solely for the state of the Jews.

Milstein even blames some of his ethnic brethren who have become “useful idiots” for groups that oppose Israeli State policies:

Meanwhile, many American Jews serve willingly as useful idiots for groups that despise us, divided our community, and weaken our resolve, under the pretext of legitimate critique of the Israeli government policies. [my emphasis]

Milstein apparently thinks that any “legitimate” criticism of Israeli policies is just a pretext or ruse for expressions of anti-Semitism or as a means of weakening Jewish solidarity. Is it any wonder, then, why Jews and the State of Israel are so politically tone-deaf, especially when any legitimate or constructive criticism is immediately denounced as “anti-Semitic”?

The author urges Jews to “not give up,” and adds: “Now is the time to stand up, fight back with all our remaining might and hold antisemites accountable.”

Yet how does Milstein plan to “hold antisemites accountable”? Shall Jews continue to censor and de-platform anyone who says things they don’t like? Shall they continue to wield their monetary power and influence to drive their critics to the unemployment line? The recent Kanye West example once again shows their power to destroy people with ideas they don’t like—truth is irrelevant. Milstein never bothers to offer a serious analysis of Jewish power and how they use it, although I assume they will continue to use the same methods Jews have been using against those who dare to notice for the past century.

Milstein further writes:

We must form alliances with groups that share the same Judeo-Christian values of freedom and democracy, inspire today’s Jewish youth to be proud of their people and the Jewish homeland, and bring Israel back to the center of our Jewish life in the diaspora.

I think what he really means is that Jews need to persist in duping American Christians into thinking that Jews and the State of Israel are their best friends and that it’s totally in the interests of the U.S. to continue bankrolling Israel and supporting it to the hilt diplomatically. It’s somewhat deceptive as well for him to use the expression “Judeo-Christian values” when Jews today are almost always leading the charge against “freedom,” “free speech,” and “Christian values.”

Milstein hopes to inspire Jewish youth “to be proud of their people and the Jewish homeland” — the very thing he probably would never wish for Whites! Jewish ethnic solidarity is permissible for them but frowned upon and seen as “dangerous” whenever Whites do the same. Many Jews are unable see their own hypocrisy on such matters. They argue that Jews are a unique people who wish to preserve their ethnic identity, cultural traditions and religious distinctiveness. But so are the many unique peoples and distinct cultures of Europe and America. Why are only White countries expected to take in the millions of Third-World migrants?

Conservative Jew, Ben Shapiro, is one glaring example of what I write about. He publicly stated on his Twitter account: “And by the way, I don’t give a good damn about the so-called ‘browning of America.’ Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does” (June 16, 2017). Yet Shapiro would most certainly care if that same “browning” were occurring in his beloved Israel. He along with most Jews would protest loudly against any “open borders” policy or mass Third-World immigration when it comes to the State of Israel. He’d change his tune in a New York minute and suddenly give a “good damn” about any such “browning.” But not so when it comes to the Whites in America.

Throughout Milstein’s article there is not the slightest hint of any honest introspection. Not once is there any reflection that critics of Jews and Israel might have a point or that non-Jews could possibly have any interests that might conflict with Jewish interests. Milstein, of course, blames some Jews for not being pro-Zionist enough, and rebukes other Jews for siding with the enemies of Israel. He laments that “American Jewish communities are divided, disengaged, and declining in membership.” Yet nothing is said about how a disproportionate number of Jews have worked tirelessly to secularize America for the past 70 years, to promote mass immigration policies that displace White Americans from their own land, and to fund and foster movements that create moral decay within the U.S. (e.g., the civil rights movement, gay rights, feminism, porn industry, Transgender rights, soft-on-crime policies, etc.).

Typical of Jews, Milstein never stops to consider that hostility toward Jews might be the result of the kinds of liberal social engineering powerful Jewish organizations and individuals have engaged in for the past several decades. American Jews have largely used their wealth, power and influence to make America “safe” for themselves, but not for Whites. By means of anti-White propaganda and government racial policies, Jews have managed to turn Blacks and Hispanics against the founding stock of this nation.

Do Jews seriously think that Whites will forever cower and shut their mouths when they are continuously blamed for all the woes of the world? Why do Jews feel it’s a good policy to bite the very hand that feeds them? Did Jews ever stop to think that all those hostile and non-assimilating Muslim migrants they helped to flood Europe with might one day turn on them? Do they really believe their lives will improve when whitey’s gone, and they are left alone to fend off Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Middle Easterners who don’t have an ounce of the racial guilt that Whites carry? Yes, I suppose they could fly to the promised land of Israel and escape the consequences of their own doing. But are most American Jews ready and willing to do this?

The reader’s comments to Milstein’s article are interesting. Many of them concede that their “golden age” has come to end. Some of them continue to express a typical perpetual victimhood mentality while others place the blame on themselves. One example is Joel Pachter who says the end of their golden age is due not to persecution, but to their rejection of Torah, and their support for progressive politics, and virtue signaling:

Indeed, the end of the second Jewish Golden Age has come about. But this time it is not due to pogroms. It is our own hands that have wrought this end. We have willfully replaced Torah with Progressivism as the sine qua non of our faith. Having elevated virtue signaling to the most important commandment, and kicked pride in Judaism to the curb, we have signed our own death warrant. This time, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Kanye West’s recent Tweets about Jews has helped to further open discussion on these matters. To the chagrin of many Jews, his claims and their consequences have only served to prove the very point he was making in his Tweets. He complained about the hugely disproportionate influence and power that Jews have in Hollywood and in corporate media. Though Jewish advocacy groups tried to sway public opinion by describing such notions as “old anti-Semitic canards,” their actions demonstrated the very truth of West’s claims when one corporation after another cut all financial ties from him.

Jews could have sought to refute Kanye’s words rather than censor him. They could have engaged him in a public debate rather than destroy him financially. But this is not who Jews are. They claim, as does Milstein, to support “values of freedom and democracy,” but then turn against such ideas when anything unfavorable is said about them, and their treatment of the Palestinians certainly doesn’t suggest much concern for those values.

Besides, Jews know that to openly challenge the claims of West in a public forum would be self-defeating because Jewish dominance over the media, Hollywood, entertainment corporations, academia, the pharmaceutical industry, print media, and a sizable amount of the federal government could be easily proven. It’s only Jews who go off the reservation that admit what is commonly known and recognized about Jewish power.

So, is the “Golden Age” for Jews in America coming to an end? Perhaps, but as yet there is no sign that Jewish power in the media (witness what happened to Kanye West) and in political culture is waning. But if so, it’s because of persistent Jewish hostility to the White founding stock of this nation. This tweet from

It’s another historic occasion of Jews overplaying their hand. Their paranoia of nationalism, especially of White racial solidarity, has driven them to the very problems they presumably sought to avoid – namely, anti-Semitism and an increasing number of Americans and Europeans who have recognized a pattern of Jewish cultural subversion. Jews don’t want people to ‘notice,’ but how can they not when Jews react in such a predicable fashion? What has been seen cannot be unseen.

The awakening among a growing number of people concerning Jewish power and subversion is a good sign for White Americans. Granted, we are only at the beginning stages, yet there are reasons to be hopeful that it will culminate in a greater and widespread acceptance of very things we’ve said for so long. When Jews themselves start to worry that their best days are behind them, it’s a clear indicator that our efforts have not been in vain.