Friday, November 18, 2022

Medical and Health Updates – Nov. 18, 2022

Being Skeptical About Medical Skepticism

By Dr. Gary Null and Richard Gale

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic physicians and health authorities repeatedly tried to convince that every measure to battle the spread of the SARS-2 virus was based upon science.  Hospital administrators and clinicians treating patients unquestionably followed whatever guidelines were decreed from above. As it turned out, the consensus that was built around guidelines and protocols was never based upon irrefutable scientific facts. Rather it was a consensus solely based upon obedience by the majority. The question before us is whether it is wise to accept every official health announcement as unbiased and scientifically objective.

2 tablespoons of honey lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels

COVID-shot Echoes: I Had a Most Odd Experience Saturday | Canada Free Press - Mass GTA inoculation scheme a Holocaust

Historic Negative Scholastic Impacts of Social Distancing

By Dr. Joseph Mercola - Detriments to children’s social, mental and emotional health weren’t considered as the U.S. and other parts of the world plunged into lockdown-mode in early 2020. Only now, years later, are we beginning to see the negative effects play out in the form of historic learning setbacks, falling test scores and developmental delays.

Keeping millions of children away from school and isolated from normal social interactions for periods of weeks, months and years was an unprecedented experiment. As were mask mandates that forced children to cover their faces for entire schooldays — during a time in their lives when observing facial expressions is key to social and emotional development.

A Fresh Look at Psychiatry, The Mind/Body/Gut/Heart Connection, Depression and The EGO

By Capt. Randall

Governor DeSantis, Ban The Jab!

An Open Letter To Governor DeSantis and Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo

US Empire Views Ukrainians And Russians As Lab Rats For Weapons Testing – Yup weapons need to be tested……unlike vaccines, eh?

The US-centralized empire pretends to care about Ukrainian lives, but in reality it only cares about them to the extent that a researcher cares about his lab rats. And for exactly the same reason.

What could be more sinister than that? Well, the agendas that they are running those tests in preparation for, I suppose.

Mandatory Vaccination: The Tip of the Spear in Culture War

An Unhappy Nation

Taki  - Never mind. We’re here to talk about American unhappiness in general. This was not the case when an 11-year-old Taki arrived at an American boarding school speaking Greek and German and a few English words to boot. The country back then was mostly white and Christian, and one had to learn the language rather quickly if one was going to take part in any school activity. 

Basking in just 30 seconds of sunlight each morning may be 'most effective way' to prevent cancer, doctor says - Study Finds

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