Saturday, November 12, 2022

Rough Days Ahead, or why Zealots are Doomed | The Vineyard of the Saker - by F(unny)MAN for the Saker blog


  1. The degree of ignorance and intoxication is astounding. They believe everything they see or hear or read in the MSM. They swallow the narrative in full. Nobody questions anything no matter the discrepancies. The people in general are ideologically possessed, completely irrational, unable to have a normal discussion or simply accept that you have another opinion. Data and facts don’t matter anymore so long they contradict their learned (or imposed) narrative. A scientifical and rational approach to some questions is impossible under the circumstances, and considered witchery… trying to start one only produces at the minimum: hate and irate looks, at the maximum: violence and rage accompanied with foam in the mouth, to the point that sometimes I fear for my personal integrity. I am sure there should be rational people somewhere… but I haven’t been lucky so far.
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