Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Civilizational Awareness - Vox Popoli

 Or rather, the lack thereof:

Ethan Williams, a 20-year-old White kid from Indiana, was shot dead by William Freeman, a Black 26-year-old, while Ethan was sitting on the stoop of the Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY) Airbnb he had rented to fulfill his “lifelong dream” of visiting New York City.

Listen, I try as hard as I can not to “victim blame” in events like this. I try to keep the blame appropriately focused on those at the top who have inflicted the conditions of our degraded society upon us. And while there’s no doubt that the institutional blackout on crime statistics – and all other observable reality – contributes to errors in judgment like the ones that led to Ethan Williams’ murder, the question must be asked:

What the fuck was a White kid from Indiana doing sitting on a stoop in Bushwick???

This isn’t a lack of situational awareness – this is a lack of civilizational awareness.

Hey, at least the late Mr. Williams achieved his “lifelong dream”. The fact of the matter is that since the advent of humanity, some young men and women have proven themselves to be literally too stupid to live. Perhaps their deficiency is entirely genetic, or perhaps it’s partially the result of an upbringing that fails to teach them that Man is fallen and the body is mortal.

This is why it’s very important to provide your children with a clear and accurate picture of what other cultures, civilizations, societies, and peoples are like, so if they aren’t terminally stupid, they will avoid putting themselves into completely unnecessary danger.

Anyhow, to answer the original question: he was probably gay. Normal young men don’t dream of visiting New York City. What was next on his list, Sydney? This may have played a causal role in the shooting, as it an unwanted attempt to make Mr. Freeman his friend could have easily provoked it.