Monday, March 20, 2023

Never Going to be the Same - Vox Popoli

 An English gentleman concludes that he, and many others, are never going to be the same in the aftermath of the Covid vaccination scam:

I know I will never view governments in the same way again as I did pre-covid. Any residual trust has gone completely.

I will never again trust the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media, and, as a former journalist, that is a deep gash.

I will never quite trust doctors or nurses who fell into line and stayed silent – and still do.

Or so-called scientists and academics who, again, stayed silent, or were prepared to fudge the truth to protect their grants and jobs.

Or police who turned so easily from community-supporting crime fighters to unthinking, ruthless, masked-up, tooled-up government enforcers, breaking up peaceful protests and political meetings.

Or hysterical teachers and their unions who gave away their great lie that ‘the children must come first’.

Or most churches, temples and mosques for their complicit silence and hate-inspiring statements, such as ‘Jesus would want everyone to be vaccinated and to do otherwise is an act of selfishness’.

And then there are the neighbours, friends, family members and strangers who displayed a total lack of critical thinking; who put me, and my like, at risk with their compliance. They still do. What jeopardies do they hold for us in the future with their weak, blind and unnecessary obedience?

They were complicit in the theft of more than two years of my life.

My worldview has changed forever.

I can’t say that my basic worldview has changed at all. I always believed that most people were blithering idiots barely capable of expressing a coherent thought. I always believed that science was corrupt. I never had any faith whatsoever in politicians or bureaucrats. And it never troubled me in the slightest to hold an opinion that was contradicted by the majority and by the mainstream narrative; one of the few benefits of being an elitist intellectual is that you assume the vast majority of the programmed quasi-minds that surround you will not only disagree with you, but are not even capable of understanding your position if it was explained to them very slowly and with small words.

But I was a little stunned to discover that I had somehow given the average individual too much benefit of the doubt. I did not see that coming. I’ve been told my entire life that I was too arrogant, too harsh, too dismissive of the intellectual capabilities of others, and yet, when push came to shove, it turned out that in the end, I had erred on the side of generosity! I truly did not see that coming.

I don’t see how it can be a good thing, but now I have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the opinions of others, unless and until they are observably proven worthy of consideration.

In God we trust, for there is no one else worthy of it.