Thursday, February 9, 2017

Conservatives shovel manure - while the Left feeds the beast of education! - by CL

Our fundamental problem in this country is our education system - and that system is 100% controlled by the Left. Read the history of how that developed and was overtaken by the disciples of Antonio Gramsci at - - and what we can do about it.
As a former political (only) activist, it finally dawned on me that conservatives are manure shovelers. Huh?
Simple - politics is the outage from the alimentary canal of American life and culture - which in turn are formed by our education and media - both overwhelmingly run by the Left.
So - the conservatives shovel manure while the Left feeds the beast. Nice!
Simple, eh?
So now what?
If we wait for the system to change - it will collapse before that time ever arrives.
At the website linked above, you can learn how my family taught me what to do. You owe it to your family.
Stop sacrificing your children - they're yours - not the government's!