Friday, February 10, 2017

The end of dual-citizenship - by Vox Day

A man cannot serve two masters. Jesus Christ knew it. So does Marine Le Pen:
French Jews who have dual Israeli nationality will have to give up one of their nationalities if far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is elected. The Front National leader said she would not allow citizens to hold dual citizenship in two non-European countries.
She will, however, not include Russia in the policy, stating she considers it to be part of the 'Europe of nations'. Speaking on France 2 TV, she said immigrants, and those who hold two passports, would have to surrender one of their passports - but added that this would not mean they would be deported.
Good for France. The USA and every other Western nation should institute a similar policy. Saudis and Israelis and Nigerians are no more Americans than they are Chinese or Martian. "Dual-citizenship" is a nonsensical postmodern concept that is every bit as incoherent as "gay marriage" and "sex as social construct"

After all, it's not much of a "proposition" if you don't even have to give up your previous national proposition. But I think it is a mistake to permit ANY dual-citizenship at all.