Monday, February 20, 2017

Vox Popoli: Announcing INFOGALACTIC NEWS

Team Infogalactic is very pleased to announce INFOGALACTIC NEWS, a Drudge-style news aggregation site for the center-right reader. Infogalactic News features 11 news headlines and 36 featured columnists and news sites for fast, one-stop news updates. The site is curated by 14 IG News editors who will provide twice-daily regular updates, plus fast-response special updates for breaking news. We hope you will be find it to be worthy of bookmarking and visiting regularly.

You can reach it from here using the permanent link on the right sidebar near the top, under Day Trips. See the line Infogalactic | News.

One important feature, from the Alt-Tech perspective, is that all news links to mainstream news articles will automatically redirect to archive sites, thereby reducing traffic to the opposition media sites that have been blocking traffic to our sites and attempting to silence the Right. This feature has not been fully implemented yet, but will be in place by the end of the week. Other incipient features include tickers for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the EUR/USD exchange rate, and the price of gold. We also plan to allow people to select the font they prefer, and to provide links to Infogalactic pages related to the headline subjects.

The Drudge Report has traffic of 2.7 billion pageviews per month. Our goal is to hit 1 billion pageviews by the end of 2017. In this regard, it is interesting to note that in only four months, Infogalactic's average daily traffic has already surpassed that of the 90k daily pageviews of this blog.

We have received a few requests for foreign language variants, which strikes us as a good idea, so if you're interested, round up at least six fellow native speakers to serve as fellow news editors, then get in touch with us. Dread Ilk and VFM are vastly preferred to head up these foreign language sites.

Sidebar and site advertising is available for those who are interested, and, as always, if you're interested in supporting these efforts to improve upon and replace the opposition media, please consider joining the Burn Unit.