Saturday, February 25, 2017

CHAOS ON CAMPUS HERALDS 'TRIBAL WARFARE' IN AMERICA - Author: 'That's never worked in world history' (To see videos link to website below)

Secession. Politically motivated violence. Republicans and Democrats trading accusations of treason. And the “deep state” attempting a coup against the democratically elected commander-in-chief.
America is unstable, divided and on the brink of tribal conflict. And it’s all starting on college campuses.
Scott Greer, author of “No Campus For White Men,” sounded the alarm about the disintegration of American society in a recent appearance on “Freedomain Radio” with Stefan Molyneux.
Greer described the complete takeover of higher education by racial identity politics and a victimhood culture, including open demands by non-whites to be segregated from whites. Greer argues history provides a terrifying warning about where all of this could end up.
“This is not a stable social model that’s being created on college campuses, pitting tribes against tribes and basically saying we’re going to have a big multicultural, pluralistic country that pits one tribe against another,” he said.
“That’s never worked in world history. You can look at Austria-Hungary, where the nationalities were pitted against each other and the Hapsburg dynasty was only able to stay alive by tactically setting one nationality against the other. If we have that model in the United States, we’re not going to have a real democracy. You can’t have a stable democracy with the kind of tribal warfare that’s brewing on a college campus.”
Greer urged conservatives not to dismiss far-left college students as a powerless fringe. They are, he said, the mainstream of the modern progressive movement and the possible future leaders of the country.
“People who are coming out, who are the demonstrators and who are the loudest activists aren’t just some extreme fringe,” he warned. “These could very well be the leaders of tomorrow. These could be senators, congressmen, judges and possibly even attorneys generals like Eric Holder, who himself, in the 1960s, was a protest leader. Look how that worked out. Imagine someone who is now shouting about how Yale University is full of systematic racism becoming the U.S. attorney general 30 years from now.”
The left’s use of identity politics guarantees a reaction, said Greer. After all, those such as white men who are labeled “privileged” and are targeted on college campuses will not submit forever to an obvious double standard when it comes to race.
“There is a greater chance for group conflict, and there’s a possibility for society in general that there’s going to be tribe against tribe, a war against all, rather than anyone coming together to keep alive a stable nation-state,” Greer said of the American future.
“Because if all [non-white students] are learning is that all they should worry about is their own specific group interests, then they don’t have to worry about everyone else. It’s not just that minority students who are gaining all these benefits are becoming more racist in many ways. It’s also the students who are not getting the benefits, Asian-Americans and white males who are going to college campuses, who see these ridiculous things encouraged by administrators and who might themselves start feeling loathing for their fellow countrymen.”

He said the divisions have already spilled over into the general culture. Even where one shops or advertises is now a political action. Just as on college campuses, there is an obvious double standard in which leftists use the power of the state to shut down opponents whereas conservatives are allowed to be discriminated against without consequence.
Greer also discussed conflict in an appearance on Alex Jones’ program. Jones said the government is quick to crack down on Christians who don’t want to provide services to a homosexual wedding, but businesses who refuse to serve Christians or conservatives are not punished. What’s more, there is a constant climate of incitement against right-leaning individuals and organizations, as far-left activists pressure advertisers to cut off any financial relationships with conservatives.
“Other companies can refuse to do business with me, saying I’m a subhuman, I’m a bad person because I’m a conservative or I’m white,” complained Jones about the double standard. “What’s going on here?”
Greer said the double standard is no mystery. It’s simply the tactics of the college campus now being extended to the general culture.
“The left now is particularly anti-free speech,” he said. “Anti-free speech is a cornerstone of their ideology. They mark everything as hate speech … and they try to shut everything down. The place we see this the most is on a college campus. That’s why I wrote ‘No Campus For White Men,’ because this is a problem that everyone is seeing. But it’s now going outside of the college campus, where they are trying to shut down ad revenue.
“There was just a story from Buzzfeed this week where they got a leaked email from a major corporation saying that a lot of their clients want to blacklist Breitbart because they don’t want to be associated with the ‘hateful’ rhetoric there.”
Greer believes Americans are beginning to lose their traditional liberties as the left moves to politicize every aspect of American life.
“In some ways it’s very un-American,” he said. “It’s un-American to try to shut down a business just for expressing their viewpoints. And they try to claim, ‘Oh, they’re causing hate crimes.’
There are no hate crimes there. There’s no violence being caused. There’s no illegality caused. They try to use all this fantasy. They don’t need any basis in fact. They just need the emotional appeal that, oh, we think this is dangerous and so we need to shut it down.”
Unfortunately, Greer said, conservatives are going to have to start responding in kind if it goes on much longer.
“The way you have to push back is there has to be pressure from conservatives, from the right, to say we’re going to support this company, or, we’re going to boycott you if you are punishing conservatives just for expressing their free speech,” he explained.
“The reason they always cater to the left is the left has the greatest pressure. Whenever they want to push some kind of ideology or agenda, the left has the biggest platform, and it is going to intimidate and pressure them. What has to happen now is the right needs to put equal pressure on these companies such as when Breitbart decided to boycott Kellogg’s when Kellogg’s decided to pull their advertising.”

What happens if the process continues? The answer is simple, said Greer.
“It’s divide and conquer,” he said. “It’s tribal warfare.”