Thursday, February 16, 2017

Open Letter to President Trump from Crush Limbraw

Dear President Trump:
I have an idea whose time has come and I will get to that in a moment.
I assume by now you have discovered that you have few friends around the DC Swamp that you promised to drain. No one outside that immediate vicinity can even imagine the size and depth of that swamp, I am sure.
Furthermore, I feel that the greatest threat to your administration is not from the Soros funded thugs and mobots we see on TV or even the now deranged Democrat Party.
It is rather the inhabitants of the swamp with an R behind their names that constitute your and our greatest potential enemies. Why?
They have a history of cutting and running at the first sign of opposition – FACT!
They always promise and then have an excuse for not delivering. Don’t trust them.
Mr. President, your only friends are WeDaPeople that elected you – PERIOD!
In your inauguration speech, you said that the election was a victory for WeDaPeople! I believed you – so now what? How do we assure and affirm this victory?
Here is my idea:
Like FDR and his Fireside Chats where he spoke directly to the American people, why not start a regular TV appearance where you speak and EXPOSE the secrets of the Swamp – one section at a time? Maybe call it a Backroom Chat?
This could be done once a month or bi-monthly and should be in addition to your Tweets, not as a substitute. Exposure to the light of truth will ultimately drain that Swamp.
Expect the swamp creatures to squeal like pigs – which should confirm that you’re on the right track.
WeDaPeople have been kept in the dark about the workings of the DC Swamp – on purpose by the FakeStreamMedia – which is nothing more than a propaganda arm of our ruling oligarchy.
When the DC Swamp People are exposed and made accountable to WeDaPeople, maybe – just maybe – we will wake up and demand accountability from our elected officials.
In the meantime, WeDaPeople will have your back. Just keep us informed so we know whose attitude needs to be adjusted. Remember, in order to train a donkey – you first have to get its attention!
We will ask God to bless you and your family – and those few friends you have in DC. As to the others, you might feel like King David when surrounded by enemies intent on doing him harm – the Psalms are an interesting read as to God’s perspective when we’re surrounded by dangerous varmints – and they might comfort and strengthen your resolve.
“Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead!” – And Godspeed, Sir!