Friday, March 10, 2017

Vox Popoli: The only issue that matters - Immigration

Rutland Mayor Chris Louras, who endured months of withering criticism for his plan to bring Syrian refugees to the city, lost his reelection bid on Tuesday. In unofficial voting results, David Allaire, a city alderman and leading critic of the resettlement, trounced Louras, a 10-year mayoral incumbent, by a 776-vote margin, according to results cited by the Rutland Herald and WCAX-TV.

"I'm simply wishing him luck and I'm moving on," Louras told Seven Days Tuesday night. He declined further comment, saying he would "not hazard a guess" as to what the election results say about Rutland's support for refugees.

Allaire did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

While Louras campaigned on a series of issues, and touted a reduction in many categories of crime, along with an improved downtown business district, the refugee debate has dominated political life in Rutland for the past year.

Louras had beaten Allaire in two previous mayoral elections. town-meeting-day.png

A Rutland native, Louras reached out to refugee resettlement officials in late 2015 and hatched a proposal to bring 100 refugees from Syria and Iraq to the city, which has been losing population for decades. The mayor pitched the plan, without consulting the Board of Aldermen, as a humanitarian imperative and economic development initiative.

What is remarkable is how many politicians are so uncharacteristically willing to risk their careers for such a wildly unpopular cause. Is it because they are drinking the ideological (((Kool-Aid))) or are they being somehow incentivized to further the invasion of America?

The USA desperately needs negative immigration to reduce the societal stresses leading to balkanization, secession, and civil war. There is ZERO benefit to immigration at this point in time. None whatsoever. It does not "benefit the economy". Every single pro-immigrant program, from student visas and H1B visas to anchor babies and family laws, needs to be shut down.

It is time for the God-Emperor to grasp the nettle, and unleash the full power of the executive branch on the reaction. The time for negotiations, sweet reason, and half-measures is past.