Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Note to Mentors – Dec. 18, 2018 – A discouraging and an encouraging report on Millennials - CL

Today I posted two seemingly contradictory articles - both on Millennials – but how can we explain the difference?

Frankly, I was aware of our anti-marriage and/or anti-children secular culture, but not of its prominence in the church. Therefore, I appreciate the author's focus on it and you can read it here.
Am I surprised? Actually, not overly so!
For the longest time, in conversations with others and on my website, I have decried the fact that our churches have lost their mission - it has often become a very self-focused form of spiritual navel gazing. In fact, not only I, but many others have observed that by and large, modern Christianity is now Churchianity - and who is the god of that entity? You can word search that term here in the Limbraw Library.

The second article literally made my day.
I am becoming more convinced almost daily that the Millennials will be the first serious generation to push back and accelerate the restoration from DaFreakingMess that we DaSilents and DaBoomers left them. We lost the culture and inevitably someone will restore it, maybe it has started – read and enjoy the news.

So how do we correlate the articles?
If you are familiar with history, majorities never create trends – they follow. That includes voting against their own interests, fighting and dying in stupid wars and various other popular causes.

The bible has a common thread from beginning to end, OT to NT – the presence of a remnant that has kept and acted on the will of God throughout history – never the popular majority opinion. Broad is the way to perdition etc…………! Never underestimate the methods or the effects of the hand of God!

Anyways, that is my opinion and I am sticking to it! :)