Friday, October 9, 2015

The Alliance Made in Hell?

Imagine two adversaries who barely agree on anything important to them. In fact, they are so contemptuous of each other that they totally reject each other’s credibility or legitimacy.
Yet, their operational alliance has achieved such success in the last 200 years that one can easily assume that it was a carefully planned cooperative venture. Both have reached their pre-suppositional goals. One wants control of all human activity and the other wants proof that their vision of the future is playing out as they prophesied.
Unfortunately, that ‘success’ for both parties has put our country and the world at the precipice of total disaster.
Gary North has called this an ‘operational alliance’ in several of his books.
Democrats and Republicans? Not even close!
Let’s call them Secular Humanists and Evangelical Christians – and as is true in all comparisons – I use the terms in a general sense, which means that they apply to most, but not all individuals who might fit the categories.
Historically speaking, America was founded 400 years ago largely as a Christian enterprise. Consequently, a Christian culture developed which also enabled the growth of liberty, wealth and prosperity, leading ultimately to an independent nation which became the standard bearer of Western civilization.
About 200 years ago, an interesting coincidence occurred. It was during the early 19th century that Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and John Darby pronounced their ‘manifestoes’. Coincidence?
Most people have heard of Marx’s social and political theory and Darwin’s evolution theory, but who is John Darby, you might ask?
Darby is credited as the churchman who first pronounced the rapture theory as part of Dispensational Pre-millennialism. Without getting into a theological food fight, let’s just categorize it as an eschatology which expects the world to come to such a dire condition that only Christ Himself can, and will intervene to save the world. Eschatology is just the study of ‘end times’.
Prior to Darby’s era, the ‘end times’ prophecy promoters were always a fringe group within the larger and more orthodox Christian believers. It is not my purpose here to get into all the theological details. It is much more important to actually examine the effects of those beliefs.
During the first 200 years of American colonial government, religion and politics coexisted as fundamental pillars forming the culture in the daily lives of Americans. The prominence of church leaders in the American independence movement has been historically noted. That all changed gradually in the last 200 years, having been influenced by Darby’s theories, which have now become mainstream in Evangelical circles, and the relentless advance of seculars in our culture and government.
Another factor must also be included – prior to and throughout the Darby era, the period of Enlightenment contributed to the fashionable idea that man’s reason is supreme and religious ‘superstitions’ should not be governing our culture or country.
We have arrived at last! For all intents and purposes, we are now living in a secular humanist nation.
Both parties have reached their goals. Those who worship man’s reason as supreme now run the country and the world. The Darby clan pretty much runs the American church and they have reached their goal – the country is going to hell in a hand basket, so Christ’s return must be imminent.
Throughout this process, one party was leaving the cultural battlefield and became culturally irrelevant, while the other tightened its grip on every aspect of our lives, from birth to death – and continues to do so today!
OK, that’s the history. Now what?
In order to solve a problem, we need to evaluate and understand what the problem is. So what is or are the problems? Can we honestly say that everything within our society is going in the right direction? There are some that say YES – we just need more money!
At what point do we stop and say: “It isn’t working?”
I, and many others, are saying and have been saying for a long time: “It hasn’t and will not work until we begin to follow the laws of cause and effect!”
In the foreword to his book “Millennialism and Social Theory”, the author Gary North makes what I considered an ironic statement. He noted that when a secular academic finds out that his book was written by a bible believing Christian, he would immediately toss it away as not credible. The Christian believer, on the other hand, has zero interest in social theory. I can personally confirm the last statement by my personal experience with various Christian churches and study groups – they’re not interested!
Therein lies the problem. The bible, especially the old testament, is full of social theory. Yet, the academics won’t take the time to study those theories – and the Christian believers, who have turned their faith into a personal pursuit of pietism, aren’t interested because it doesn’t fit their presupposition of end time theology.
Both parties in this alliance live in total ignorance of possible solutions to our civil societies’ problems, because they have already made up their minds as to what is truth.
A plague on both of those mindsets! Prove all things and hold on to that which is good!
It is the purpose of this website and blog to chip away at the willful ignorance that we tolerate in our culture and governing affairs, and begin to take small steps toward becoming mentors and disciples in an ongoing pursuit of what actually works – and casting off those well proven, by now, manmade utopian visions that are proven failures, ready to be tossed into the ‘ash heap of history’!

Shall we begin? - CL