Friday, March 18, 2022

Blind as a Corona Bat - by Todd Hayen PhD

This article is not really about Corona, nor is it really about bats. Blind Corona bats make a catchy title. The subjects of the article, however, are indeed related to Corona (what isn’t these days?) as well as to bats, blind ones. The most perplexing part for me about this Covid puzzle, and all that is now following it, has been the blindness I have experienced in people on “that side” of the fence. (I won’t call them sheep, I got in trouble for that once.)

I am most troubled by this phenomenon experienced in close friends and family. Now that Covid has passed the torch onto the Russia/Ukraine conflict it seems we are seeing Act Two of a very frustrating global, and personal play.

Of course we all know both of these events are scenes in one big theatrical event, one that has been going on for quite a while but mostly in out of town tryouts—Covid was the first act of the play finally opening on the Big Broad Way.

The tryouts are over. The Great Reset, now the hottest show in town, opens in the big time.

“Yea!” I shouted, “now everyone will see it; it will no longer be obscured and only noticed by us so called conspiracy theorists who have been jumping up and down for decades yelling ‘false flag!’ every time anything unusual happened in the world. Now we will all have eyes to see and ears to hear!”

Fat chance of that.

It didn’t happen with Covid, and it isn’t happening with Russia/Ukraine. The blind will continue to be blind.

Only now one thing is indeed obvious, it is now very clear who the blind are, and who can see. Just as such large numbers of people were blind as Corona bats during the heights of the Covid hysteria, the same people are blind as bats regarding just about everything else going on in the world. Not just Corona. And if I can rely on my recollection, they have always been blind.

I was one of them for quite some time.

It is clear they don’t see the threat to our freedom and the democracy we have fought so hard and diligently to save over the years.

They don’t see the assault on humanity itself with the degradation of human social interplay due to masks, social distancing, the rules against gathering with loved ones in church, social events, funerals, weddings, concerts, plays, among many other restrictions.

They don’t see the damage being done to our children through social regulations and the wearing of masks that cover facial expression and communication and derail social development.

And they certainly don’t see the unconscionable power that the government has forced over us with mandated vaccines—a substance that clearly could have devastating health effects on any who have taken it—and devastating social and personal effects on those who have not.

What is the bigger picture here? What will be the result of this blindness?

One of the prime blind spots the bats have regarding the new world that is being created right before our very eyes (no pun intended) is not at all something to look forward to. These people seem to think the world will be a wonderfully calm place with all amenities required, and many desired, handed to them on a silver platter with only a rental fee attached.

I am reminded of the cult classic Logan’s Run where everyone had a job (or did they even need a job), everyone was happy, had sex all of the time and took whatever pill was required to escape any sort of thinking that may have stubbornly crept in (or was that “Brave New World”?). Only the people living in this bliss were not allowed to live past 30 (in the movie version, in the book it was only 21!).

You can sum up what is “wrong” with what’s ahead rather simply: a hugely efficient world whose efficiency is achieved by a global control that manipulates individuals to do what is necessary in order to keep the world efficient.

What makes a world efficient?

Controlling the climate, the economy, consumption of all goods and services (including entertainment), controlling travel, carbon footprints, jobs, drugs, food, health care, births, personal identity, and a million other things easy to imagine. How will the upper echelon, which will be given the task to oversee this control, accomplish it? Need I say? I think most people reading this can easily fill in those blanks.

Give the kid two marshmallows now with the promise of five down the road, only the kid doesn’t take the five down the road option, he or she takes the two now. Instant gratification.

It doesn’t take much to dangle high-tech-convenience-laden carrots in front of our “now, now, now” culture. Digital ID? No problem if marketed with the promise of ease and convenience—same goes for digital currency, microchips in the hand, eventually drilled into the head, Alexa in the house, in the bedroom, bugs to eat (real meat is destroying the climate, right?)

Rent your music and media instead of buying it, you get a lot more up front. What could go wrong?

Anyone remember when Amazon wiped all Kindle readers free of Orwell’s books “1984” and “Animal Farm” remotely (blessed technology allowed them to) because of their controversial message?

Freedom is controversial you know. At least it is now beginning to be seen as such. If those books were on your shelves no one could take them.

Remember “Fahrenheit 451”? Remember “Brave New World”? Does anyone read anymore? Does anyone care? There doesn’t seem to be many who do. “I don’t really care if Facebook tracks me, they send interesting posts and ads my way,” they will care when it isn’t Facebook doing the tracking.

Or will they? They are blind. Why?

Occam’s Razor would say it was something in the vaccine, or 5G, or whatever sort of mind controlling device or substance “they” have operating these days.

I say Occam’s Razor only because it seems to be the simplest explanation. The more plausible ones (“more plausible” depending only on how far down the rabbit hole you are) includes a phrase being bandied around these days: “Mass Formation Psychosis.”

Being a psychologist myself I certainly can see this as an intriguing possibility. Before many people saw all this Covid insanity as a problem, I suggested “cult psychology” was the culprit in effectively bending the minds of so many in order they believe things that were so clearly not true.

However; I’ve had a problem with both ideas: how do they do this? The criteria for either of these mental conditions is rather difficult to manifest on a global scale—although Hitler and his National Socialists’ regime was rather successful in accomplishing something similar in 1930s Germany. So what is it? The vaccine? 5G?

Like I previously said, I am so perplexed by this strange blindness, I would not be surprised.

Early on I thought that this blindness and ignorance were synonymous. Obviously, that isn’t the case. You could force-feed information into someone who was blind and they will either block it in any way possible (plugging the ears and singing “lalalalala” for one example), or change the subject (violently holding up the hand and say “I’m not talking about this”) or simply attack everything you’ve said with nonsense counter arguments like “if what you are saying were true, it would be on the cover of the New York Times.”

People can and do “take in” the information (on occasion) but their brains do nothing with it.

And what of this arrogance that seems to go hand in hand with the blindness? Can’t these people just be blind and sit in a corner? No, they are arrogant as well, sitting atop their white steed of supreme morality calling you—a fighter for freedom, a staunch defender of free speech and body autonomy as well as a crusader against corruption, corporate greed and evil—calling you selfish, a denier of science, deplorable, a criminal. What’s with that?

I also used to think it had something to do with intelligence. That too proves not to be true. I have, however, found a few common denominators.

One is that most people who are not blind believe in some sort of spiritual paradigm. These paradigms do differ, but there are some common elements (for one, not obsessed with becoming a robot rather than staying a human).

I have also found that people who are not blind believe in things that are astonishingly similar. For example, when Russia invaded Ukraine, I was surprised to see that most of the friends I had made during the Covid run were saying the same things about Russia and Ukraine that I was saying.

They were questioning, looking beyond the propaganda, and understanding that there was more to such a catastrophic event than “four legs good (Ukraine), two legs bad (Russia)” to borrow a George Orwell quote—simple “sheep thinking” from “Animal Farm.”

Truth is universal, and finding the truth requires a universal set of criteria—two of which are having eyes to see, and ears to hear.

Todd Hayen is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology.