Thursday, March 31, 2022

I am a Russian Cheerleader, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review


I’ve yet to see anyone other than leftists, Jews, neocons, and satanic neo-Nazis actually “Standing with the Ukraine.”

I’ve seen some allegedly “nuanced” takes on the Ukraine intervention. People seem to want to make themselves feel smart by saying “I understand Putin’s motivations, but I’m not going to support either side.” This isn’t really nuanced, it’s just someone who is either milquetoast, or wants to feel like he’s smart because he doesn’t just “automatically take the opposing position.”

I don’t think this is smart at all. It’s the big-brained centrist meme, basically. It’s pretending to be smart by claiming to have some vague higher level of understanding, which is never explicated.

You can have nuanced takes about the current state of Russia and about Putin’s policies. That’s fair enough. I’ve been critical of Russian policy. But a war is a war, where two sides fight each other.

If it is the war in Africa, you can of course say “I don’t care about this at all.” But you can not care because it doesn’t affect your life in any way. The conflict in the Ukraine affects all of our lives, very directly, and will have ramifications that last for decades and centuries.

The basic reality is that you have as clearcut of a good guys vs. bad guys situation as you ever could imagine. The Ukraine, in 2014, was overthrown by the US State Department in a coup. They then started flooding the place with gay sex, feminism, and brown immigration. The Jews took complete control of the government, and funded satanic neo-Nazi gangs to slaughter ethnic Russians.

If that was all isolated, you could say “I don’t really care.” For example, I will on principle say I support the Palestinians against the Jews, but I honestly don’t care very much. The Palestinians aren’t going to eject the Jews, and at this point the battle is over whether a very small number of Palestinians retain a very small part of their former territory. There is nothing really at stake.

I am much more supportive of Syria, a country that is actually serving as a bulwark against Jewish dominance of the region. But you’ll notice that for the most part, the same people who talk constantly about Palestine will also call Assad a “dictator.” In fact, most of the pro-Palestinian groups in America are actually run by Jews, specifically because the issue is basically a meaningless distraction at this point. Unless you’re the kind of person who just likes to sit around feeling sad about things, there is no real greater implications of the Israel-Palestinian conflict anymore. Maybe there were larger implications in the 60s, when the Russians were actively supporting the Palestinians, and they had a lot more land than they do now.

You can say the Palestinians have the moral high-ground, and that they’re being abused, but unless you are the type of person who likes to just sit around feeling sad about things you have no control over, there is not much reason to think about Palestinians much at all.

The Ukraine is a horse of a different color, because this is not simply a situation of Jewish power being inflicted on a group of poor people in a country you’ve never been to. It is the manifestation of a global conflict between two competing world powers, and the outcome will turn the tide of world affairs. This is a defining moment in history, really the defining moment since the end of the USSR. It’s bigger than 911.

If the United States is unseated as the singular global superpower – which may have already happened – that is good for all people on earth. I know that some people still have a difficult time differentiating between the American people, the real America we all know and love, and the American Empire. These things are conflated by the media and government continually, as we are told about “our strategic global interests” which are actually the strategic global interests of a bizarre cult of world domination. But the American government and the empire it runs is a xenocracy (government by aliens) that is just as much at war with the American people as it is with Russia, and the more it stretches itself thin on the world stage, the less capacity it has to force vaccines, trannies, and gynocracy on us domestically.

Russia is not perfect, of course, but it’s getting a lot better. Every metric was trending towards “better” even before this conflict, and now that there is a conflict, things are getting rapidly better. The writer Rolo Slovskiy has written a series about Russia using the conflict to transform into a true autocracy. He argues that all possible governments can be classified as either “autocracy” or “oligarchy,” with democracy being the latter. Oligarchy is a vastly more corrupt form of government, where the people live worse lives and have less freedom than autocracy. This might seem like an oversimplification, but it’s kind of true if you just sit and think about all of the possible forms of government. There are of course shades of gray in all of that, and he argues that Russia had elements of oligarchy which Putin is in the process of abolishing in favor of absolute rule by him.

Xi Jinping did the same thing. China had a system where they were run by a politburo, many of the members of which were connected to organized crime, or big business. It’s easy to see why the West though China was headed towards “opening up,” as that is effectively the exact system we have in America. Even before establishing himself as Emperor, Xi had begun an anti-corruption campaign primarily aimed at redistributing wealth from these oligarchs to the working people in order to strengthen and expand the middle class. That process has been extremely successful, and he is now hands down the single most popular leader on earth, simply because the quality of life of everyone in the country has increased so rapidly and dramatically under his rule.

A government with an autocratic leader with 90+% approval is a lot more stable than an oligarchy with 40-60% approval. A country with social mobility based on merit is much more stable than a government where all of the wealth is in the hands of a tiny minority. An autocratic leader has a reason to gain the support of the people, and no real reason not to. Even if he is corrupt, he is still just one person.

Democracy was a stupid delusion and a mask for the most diabolical people we’ve seen yet.

We are told that “China is an evil autocracy,” but the traditional view of Americans has been that the middle class is the core of society. Now, compare these two graphs:

You can look up that data yourself. I think it’s obvious if you live in America. If you don’t know what has happened in China in terms of wealth redistribution over the last decade, you can go read about it. This isn’t a secret, but it isn’t talked about on television, because it would simply stop making sense why China is evil and American democracy is good.

Point being: Russia is on a path to establish itself, alongside China, as an autocracy. Putin has been banning opposition media, and for whatever reason, the rich Jews of Russia have been sanctioned, even while they have no influence on Putin.

Mikhail Fridman did an interview with Bloomberg earlier this month where he was literally whining that he has no influence on Putin and there is no reason to sanction him.

Putin had already exiled or imprisoned the Jewish oligarchs that were messing with his politics.

I don’t understand why Putin allowed the country to go along with the coronavirus hoax. It was never as insane as the West, and their vaccine was not some crazy gene therapy, but they did go along with this. Maybe it was a last ditch effort to make some kind of overture to the West and avoid this conflict. I’ve put forward other speculations – it’s possible that they saw an economic downturn coming and wanted to blame it on the virus. Much of it was also being enforced by local city and provincial governments, with Putin confirming that no one should be forced to take the vaccine or be discriminated against for not taking it (however, he allowed other people in government and business to do that anyway, or at least didn’t stop them from doing it). But really, I have no idea what was going on there. What I do know is that this is gone now, and I don’t think they are going to bring it back.

Most importantly regarding this difference between autocracy and oligarchy is that an absolute leader wants to maximize his direct support for himself as glorious leader, meaning that just as he supports the middle class, he will rally the central population around their preferred value system, which are always going to be conservative cultural norms. An oligarchy cannot possibly rally people around “a bunch of rich people destroying the middle class to consolidate wealth and power.” Therefore, an oligarchy will necessarily empower disruptive minority groups and attack the culture. Insofar as there is any difference between “Jewish domination” and “oligarchy,” even a theoretical non-Jewish dominated oligarchy would seek to empower minorities and disrupt society with weirdness.

I do not think a “right-wing oligarchy” could function, as a unified people with a well-defined religion and culture would simply organize against it. Just so, a left-wing autocracy would never exist, as unifying the population is always in the interests of a supreme leader.

Xi has now made it a point to reestablish traditional sex roles, going so far as to ban “effeminate male characters” from TV and to organize “masculinity building programs” in all schools. He’s also outright banned feminists from promoting their gibberish. As we know because the West is constantly whining about it, he’s neutralized the Islamic population. He is also moving away from the “Atheism with Chinese characteristics” and towards a new Confucianism. Xi’s books of life advice are Confucian philosophy.

Russia is also going hardcore on traditionalism, rallying people around the church, declaring that although they have minority populations, the core of the society is white Russian culture. The line that they’ve been using, which I love dearly, is “we are more European than Europe.” That is to say, Russia seeks to embody the traditional values that Western Europe has abandoned.

When it comes to the war between East and West, for me, it is simply this: “which side supports child trannies? Because I’m on the side that doesn’t support that.”

Simple as.

Astonishing Reason of the Realignment

Everything that is happening as a result of the Ukraine conflict just seems so well planned by the Russians. They are exploiting every weakness of the West for their own purposes. Every move the West has made has benefited Russia in the long-term and even in the short term, and has enabled Putin to solidify power further.

The sanctions implemented are basically sanctions on the West itself. Again, the West is also sanctioning Russian Jews, who are having their wealth confiscated, and attempting to move it to Israel. That prevents Putin from needing to address the wealth-hoarding by the remaining oligarchs.

All of these businesses shutting down in Russia removes the encroaching Americanization of Russian culture.

The sanctioning of the Russian population as well as the government is causing people to rally around Putin as the leader, given that they all now feel they are being attacked because of their race (because that is exactly what is happening).

Biggest of all, the financial sanctions are going to ultimately result in the dollar no longer being the world reserve currency, which will cause America’s economy to collapse, while Russia is sitting pretty, trading with China, India, and the rest of the non-Western world.

The other part of that is the the Americans have demonstrated to the world that they are unhinged maniacs, willing to violate every single rule that they themselves established, and to use their control over the world economic system to wage what is ostensibly a moral crusade against vague and ethereal ideological spooks.

The US claims to be fighting for “democracy,” but anyone can look at the Ukraine and see that it is run by a Jewish puppet, installed via an illegal Western-back coup, who was given tens of millions of dollars by a Jewish oligarch – the same Jewish oligarch who established these bizarre satanic neo-Nazi death cults that have been waging total war against Russians in the Ukraine for 8 years. Before the Russain invasion, the puppet leader of the Ukraine had shut down all opposition media, and opposition journalists were regularly being assassinated. Now, he’s literally banned all opposition parties from running for office. The Ukrainians are fighting a dirtier war than the Vietcong, consistently using human shields, killing and torturing their own people, and most recently, torturing POWs. I don’t know if this is “democracy” – I guess it is? – but it definitely isn’t freedom or anything anyone on earth would want to promote or aspire to, and you’d have to assume that anyone who would even voice support for lunacy is totally deranged. The idea that you would implode the global economy, destroying the lives of people all of the world – the Americans now admit that their war against Russia is going to cause a global food shortage – in defense of utterly blatant corruption and barbarism is beyond the pale.

Obviously, there is no conceivable excuse for throwing out all of the established norms of the backbone global order, let alone in the name of a moral crusade. But the fact that this moral crusade is being waged in the defense of the single most despicable and absurdly illegitimate government on earth (at least outside of central Africa) just makes it incomprehensible to any observer. Everyone is seeing this and saying “the United States is completely out of control.”

That’s why you have not just China, but India and the Gulf States – the third and forth biggest players on the global stage – slowly backing away from the US and moving towards this new Eastern Bloc. The US government has become a wild beast.

Conversely, Russia may become a light unto the Anglos.

Without any inside information, it appears that Russia knew all of the moves the US was going to make, and understood their implications. Meanwhile, the US did not know the moves they were going to make, let alone their implications.


I support Russia without reservation.

In his high-profile interview on the situation, former president Dmitri Medvedev said that it is only reasonable to allow people to criticize government policy, but that when it comes to war, criticizing the government’s attempts to defend the nation makes you a traitor. He made the comparison to Vladimir Lenin wishing that Russia would lose World War I, as it would make a revolution easier.

I am not Russian, but I think I should follow these same rules. I have had criticisms of Russian policy, although most of those criticisms are no longer valid, because Russian policy is moving so far to the right. But insofar as it is possible to criticize Russia policy unrelated to the conflict with the West, I believe it is fair enough to do so. However, I would not ever criticize them over the conflict with the West, or do anything other than offer my total support.

Speaking of the Palestinians, I said “there’s nothing you can do about it anyway,” and someone might argue that people on the internet aren’t going to have an effect on the Ukraine situation. I would argue this is not true. Right now, the West is attempting to rally itself around the Ukraine. I am going to do everything I can to throw a wrench in that by telling people the truth and helping to get the people who are able to see the truth to push back against this lunatic narrative.

Many European countries are now arresting people for simply voicing support for Russia. Obviously, this matters to them, or they wouldn’t be so blatantly violating their own stated rules in such an egregious way.

This is not just a foreign policy issue – it is a massive domestic crisis. The gas prices, food prices, food shortages, inflation, and all of the other things that the government and media are now telling us we must suffer through to help the Ukrainians are domestic issues. This is very different than sending the military off to kill goat herders in caves, something that didn’t really affect anyone’s life.

A lot of people who post on the internet want to seem intelligent and special by taking arduous pseudo-intellectual stances. I denounce this. If something is simply simple, then it is simply simple.

America and the Ukraine are the bad guys.

Russians are the good guys.

That’s it.