Monday, March 21, 2022

Why Are Churches Silent on The Kingdom of God?

Oh, you will hear about heaven and getting to it…as a comedian once said “Everyone wants to get to heaven, but nobody wants to die!”

But what about the Kingdom of God? Jesus mentioned it often. So what is it?

Before we dig in let’s ask a few questions….like……

Is God aware of what is happening in Ukraine, our American cities, at the southern border, Wall Street, Congress, TV networks, your home, etc etc etc? Is there anything He does not know or care about? Does he care more about Ukrainians than Russians? The answers from a typical churchgoer might surprise you and me – why? Judging by their reaction to the war, He apparently does. But is that true?

So, as I usually do, let’s dig in DaLimbraw Library by putting – KINGDOM OF GOD – in the search window and it gives us a whole bunch of headnotes on the mobile phone and full text on a computer. The first post in either is a motherlode by itself - MacArthur: wrong on politics, wrong on America, wrong on the Kingdom of God - Dr. Joel McDurmon – some excerpts:

“There are a lot of definitions of the kingdom of God. Mine is simultaneously the simplest and the broadest: the civilization of God. It is the creation—the entire area under the King of Heaven’s lawful dominion.” – by Gary North

“All Christians admit that God’s principles can be used to reform the individual. They also understand that if this is the case, then the family can be reformed according to God’s Word. Next, the church is capable of restoration. But then they stop.” – WHY?

There are millions of Christians today (and in the past) who have denied the obvious implications of such a view of God’s earthly kingdom. Nevertheless, very few of them have been ready to deny its theological premises. If you ask them this question—”What area of life today is not under the effects of sin?”—they give the proper answer: none. They give the same answer to the next question: “What area of sin-filled life will be outside of the comprehensive judgment of God at the final judgment?”

But when you ask them the obvious third question, they start squirming: “What area of life today is outside of the legitimate effects of the gospel in transforming evil into good, or spiritual death into life?” The answer is obviously the same—none—but to admit this, modern pietistic Christians would have to abandon their pietism.

What is pietism? Pietism preaches a limited salvation: “individual soul-only, family-only, church-only.” It rejects the very idea of the comprehensive redeeming power of the gospel, the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, and the comprehensive responsibility of Christians in history. In this rejection of the gospel’s political and judicial effects in history, the pietists agree entirely with modern humanists. There is a secret alliance be­tween them. Christian Reconstruction challenges this alliance.

This is why both Christians and humanists despise it.

These snippets are only a fraction on The Kingdom of God in this library. There is a whole series on it - CAP – Kingdom of God Study List – and it is listed on the home library page in the right hand column, but my purpose here is to simplify and not get into an endless theological debate on biblical semantics. You can do that when doing the complete study.

Are there some examples of the KoG today?

How about this post today - Triggering the Irrelevant - Vox Popoli - The future belongs to those who show up for it. Stop whining. Start fighting by getting married, having children, and planting the acorns of the trees in whose shade your grandchildren will play. Yes, there are risks. You might get your heart broken. You might lose half your toys. So what? Action requires risk and risk is inherent to life.

There is no point in whining, blackpilling, or worrying about things you can’t possibly control. If you’re not willing to take risks to build the future, if you’re not willing to live, if you’re not willing to set your face against the entropy of the universe, then you are irrelevant and your inferior genetic line will end with you, due to your cowardly narcissism.

And from Saturday: The Great Uncleaving - By Southern Catholic Mom

It is time, after over two years of unchecked government tyranny and unhinged insanity of half the population, for The Great Uncleaving - that is what I am calling for sane people in the West to undertake immediately.

In short, The Kingdom of God is not spiritual navel gazing, but requires us to make disciples of all nations - so let us preach the WHOLE GOSPEL of GOD and make disciples of all nations as Jesus instructed!