Friday, March 18, 2022

The Official Story is Always False - Vox Popoli

 The purported meeting of the three Eastern European ministers with Zelensky in Kiev made no sense to me, given the proximity of the Russian troops and the ease with which a train could be destroyed from the air. I even wondered if the globalists were setting up a sacrifice of their minor servitors in order to provide NATO a casus belli to directly enter the war.

But, as it turns out, the meeting was just more fakery to serve the Narrative. The three prime ministers never entered Ukraine. Zelensky isn’t in Kiev either, but in Poland.

The summit meeting of East European leaders, hosted in Kiev by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on March 15 was fabricated by the Polish government, with Polish secret service agents playing the part of journalists, and fake photographs of the meeting, press briefing, and train journey prepared by Zelensky’s press office.

The operation was designed by the Poles to promote their role in support of the Ukraine, the Ukrainian refugees, and in defence of Europe against Russia, and seek new European, American, and NATO alliance funds and military equipment.

According to the Ukrainian publicity, the operation was designed to promote the appearance that Zelensky’s regime is in control of Kiev, and to accelerate their application for admission to the European Union (EU).

The Anglo-American media have reported the meeting, as announced by Petr Fiala, the Czech prime minister, with “the aim…to express the European Union’s unequivocal support for Ukraine and its freedom and independence,”

The result of the summit meeting, according to the Financial Times in London, was “a show of European solidarity even as Russian shelling continued on residential neighbourhoods in the Ukrainian capital. The trip by the prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia is the most high-profile visit to Kyiv since Russia invaded the country on February 24.”

“It is here, in war-torn Kyiv, that history is being made,” the Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced. “It is here that freedom fights against the world of tyranny. It is here that the future of us all hangs in the balance.”

Morawiecki and the western press were lying – there was no meeting in Kiev. Instead, the meeting was staged at the Polish rail junction town of Przemysl, 95 kilometres west of Lvov (Lviv), and 20 kms inside the Polish frontier with the Ukraine.

In a report published by the Associated Press (AP) bureau in Warsaw, “the long journey over land from Poland to Kyiv by Morawiecki, Poland’s deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Prime Ministers Petr Fiala of the Czech Republic and Janez Jansa of Slovenia sent the message that most of Ukraine still remains in Ukrainian hands.”

The evidence gathered from sources in Warsaw and from analysis of the videos and photographs published on the meeting proves there was no “long journey”; no meeting in Kiev or in Lvov, the Galician region capital, which is the operating headquarters of the Ukrainian government. From the evidence provided by the Poles and also by Zelensky’s publicity staff, it is now clear that only a small part of western Ukraine remains in Ukrainian hands. Zelensky himself is now in Polish hands…

The Czech and Slovenian officials flew into Rzeszow Jasionka, the nearest airport to Przemysl; the airfield is also a NATO logistics and security base. They then drove to Przemysl. There the Ukrainians had despatched one of the luxury versions of the regular train service between Przemysl, Lvov, and Kiev. This had been fitted up for fabricated photographs of the Polish, Czech and Slovenian officials meeting as they purportedly travelled towards Zelensky in Kiev. The press which has published these pictures knows them to have been faked and has assisted in concealing the real location.

Look at the pictures. This is quite literally fake news. Now ask yourself what else is being passed off as real by the imperial media?

In not-unrelated news, the Italians have discovered munitions being hidden in “humanitarian” flights to Ukraine:

Nelle scorse ore è emerso che dal Cargo Village sito presso l’aeroporto civile di Pisa sarebbe dovuto partire un volo contenente casse di armi, munizioni ed esplosivi, in contrasto con lo scopo stesso del viaggio, data la sua natura umanitaria. Infatti, il volo avrebbe dovuto fornire cibo, medicinali, e altri prodotti utili alla popolazione ucraina, in difficoltà a causa dei combattimenti delle ultime settimane.

Ai lavoratori dell’aeroporto “Galileo Galilei” di Pisa era stato chiesto di caricare degli aiuti umanitari destinati all’Ucraina. Quando si sono ritrovati però di fronte a casse contenenti materiale bellico hanno deciso di non eseguire l’ordine.

Pisa, armi al posto di aiuti umanitari: gli aeroportuali bloccano volo per l’Ucraina, 15 Marzo 2022

As Karl Denninger notes, this echoes how the USA arranged its entry into WWI, a war which the American people had clearly and unequivocally indicated they had no wish to fight.