Sunday, March 27, 2022

Lessons for the Next War - Vox Popoli

 Karl Denninger observes that while the Purebloods survived, they lost the war:

Purebloods learned a lot about human nature. The more cynical among us decided people are selfish enough to sell out the most vulnerable for the illusion of safety. We learned who had balls and who our real friends were. Sometimes we surprised ourselves with what we were willing to do. Or accept to get along. Sometimes enlightenment is empowering, and sometimes it’s humbling.

We learned people were either convinced by logical arguments or they weren’t. No amount of logic penetrated a feelings shield, yet many of us wasted breath trying to reach our loved ones. There was no perfect argument that made them understand.

We learned some people love clown world. They forget contradictory statements made a month apart. Maybe a goldfish memory allows them to function, but others cannot stand living in a land of liars and gas lighters.

The only successful peaceful protests involve withdrawing consent. Truckers blocking Ottawa received international attention, but only resulted in tiny changes. The People’s Convoy in America had absolutely no effect, but I heard it was a pretty good parade.

Vacationing in place either deliberately or due to fatigue is a more effective tactic because it costs the company money. I can’t wait to see the second quarter Productivity and Costs report from the Bureau of Lies and Scams. If your company bent you over take advantage of the lube shortage when returning the favor.

We are on our own. No one is coming to save us. As of yet, no widespread lawsuits have been filed against vaccine mandating companies. The whole “keep on waiting for it” really sounds familiar doesn’t it? We’ve all heard this one before: Just wait, two weeks to flatten the curve. Just wait, in two weeks there will be an explosion in coof cases. Just wait, in two weeks some lawyer will file a lawsuit. Maybe one will, maybe one won’t. Put not your hopes in men.

Don’t count on political leadership either. Remember what a huge disappointment Trump turned out to be? Years of Qanon bull**** and all we got was terrorism charges for the January 6th protesters. DeSantis is a scummy politician whose every statement is calculated towards his victory condition: President of the United States. The OSHA and CMS mandate hearings came too late for some. Even though the OSHA ruling was struck down, companies kept their vaccine mandates. So far this insult has not been redressed by the courts.

Where does this leave us for the next war? We don’t know how, we don’t know when, but life is a series of battles. Each of us fights our own.

Something I say time and time again is plan how you will react before you face a situation. First, you must identify the conflict and your line in the sand. How will you react when it is crossed? Will you bargain? Will you punch the problem in the face? Will you run? Each fight is different, making a decision now is less stressful than in the moment.

In order to win the next war, it is important to acknowledge why we lost this one.

The purebloods lost because we compromised with evil. As soon we did (and continued to do so), our defeat was certain. It simply took a while to arrive.

Many of us did not recognize our actions as compromises initially. That will not be an excuse the next time somebody pulls this bull****. It started early in the war. Closing businesses and schools were the first ones. Most of us believed that it would only last for two weeks before life returned to normal.

One lesson is if there is widespread compromise in the next skirmish and there is no leader, your job as a soldier is to inflict maximum damage on the way to defeat. With this mindset you are accepting that you have lost, so your goal is to run up the scoreboard. There are numerous nonviolent ways to achieve a high score. Make a list of tactics now so when the time comes you shall act on them.

The most important lesson is to recognize evil and refuse to compromise with it.

Those who refuse to recognize evil, or who cannot do so, will be defeated by it, no matter how smart or how Christian or how good they happen to be. As Sun Tzu observes, the way to ensure defeat is to neither know yourself nor your enemy.

And as we have all observed, much to our disappointment and discomfiture, the number of people who are willing and able to recognize evil and refuse to compromise with it are vanishingly small.