Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Patrick Byrne: There's Enough Evidence to Decertify 3+ States By Alexandra Bruce

At the risk of becoming a target of the DHS on suspicion of being a “domestic terrorist”, here’s an update on the investigations into the 2020 Election with Patrick Byrne:

• Michael Gableman, a retired justice of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, acting as the Special Counsel has investigated the Wisconsin election and he’s written an official report that says the election should never have been certified and that it should absolutely be de-certified.

• Garland Favorito’s report on the Fulton County, Georgia election and found hundreds of thousands of votes that were out of whack; they either had no provenance, no ballot or no image, etc.

• The investigation of the election in Arizona has found 740,000 ballots with improper chain-of-title; hundreds of thousands of votes were clearly illegal, with no provenance, appearing on the Dominion machines but nowhere else, etc.

Patrick says Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes, Georgia has 16 and Arizona has 11, for a total of 37. He says that Joe Biden won with 306 votes and if you remove those 37, it takes him down to 269 and he no longer has the majority of the 538 electoral votes, he has exactly half – and that’s leaving aside three other states we aren’t even talking about.

Patrick says that if we look at the Gableman Report, the Favorito Report and at the work done by Dr ShivaJovan PulitzerBen Cotton and Doug Logan in Arizona, you will know that this is true and that it’s “kinda heavy” but that we must not be misled into thinking that the situation is hopeless.

“There’s total ways we could fix this, even America’s dire financial straits can be fixed.”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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