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UKRAINE’S Rothschild Cartel Hitting Stratospheric Psychosis Posted on February 28, 2024 by Helena

 The main source for my last two blogs,, was just today completely taken offline.   It published the writings of Eustace Mullins, a Fascist, according to Wikipedia.   Mullins worked with Willis Carto, also a conspiracy theorist, fascist, neoNazi, Holocaust Denier.  Carto published The American Free Press, a far-right, nationalist, separatist media…that aligned with Ron Paul…  yes, Ron Paul the most passive voice on earth central.

This is how the media portrays anyone outside their sphere of Gob Speak. And Peace Loving Ron Paul is now a fascist neoNazi!   IF it wasn’t written – it might make a good satirical comedy skit.  Libertarians are now fascist and must be annihilated at all costs to preserve the Zionist Regime.

Despite all these libelous labels, the one label that destroyed both Carto and Mullins, was Anti-Semitic Holocaust Deniers.   The Zions sued for defamation and – won.  Carto was vilified for using ‘talk-radio’ to espouse his views.  This was a heinous crime for which punishment was the only solution.  Worse, was his crime of presenting sympathetic profiles of such Traitors as:  Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Henry Ford and the venomous Priest, Charles Cochlin.

Charles Cochlin’s crimes?  He was anti-Socialism and anti-Communism.   For this – the Zion Jews destroyed him.

I am quoting from Google sites regarding these anti-Semitic gentlemen.   Verbatim.  The height of these allegations, assertions, and penalizations were incurred between the 1940’s thru 1970’s.  They are dead now – and apparently Google is attempting to suppress their websites, but what they stood for is exactly on par with what we are just now awakening to 50 years later!

The TRUTH was there all the time.  It was unveiled and presented to us.   And we didn’t listen.  Will we listen this time or will they overshadow the Truth again?

The Ruling Caste, The Club, The Cartel is Rothschild at the head of the pyramid. 

Jacob Rothschild, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to society, died yesterday.   Next in line is Nathaniel Rothschild.   Nathaniel owns a company that builds, Tesla.  However a spat has arisen as Hannah, the oldest of Rothschild children, is staking her claim into the Empire.  Hannah chairs Yad Hanadiv, a philanthropic foundation in Israel.

Yad Hanadiv was established in memory of Edmond Rothschild who initiated the colonization/settlements throughout Palestine beginning in the mid 1890’s.  In addition, the foundation funded the Open University campuses throughout Israel beginning in 1971, using the same model as was utilized throughout The Open University campuses across Europe. These Open Universities were the brain child of Soros.  And banished from Russia.

It is NOT coincidental that these secular Israeli PM’s routinely cite The Bible as their justification for bombardment of the entire nation – Palestine.  It is NOT coincidental that every Prime Minister of Israel has been secular.   This is their Protocol, as determined by their forefather Edmond Rothschild.

An opportunity presents:   Both Soros and Rothschild are now in the foils of infighting for control of their empires.   Soros youngest son, Alex was given the reins, and Rothschild’s youngest son, Nathaniel, was given the reins leaving the elder children to rise in descent!

Leaving their empires in a vacant space.   The same demise that gave way to the ultimate fall of King Herod’s Empire thru his sons by 30-36 AD.

This is the ideal time – Art of War.

Mike Johnson is being pressured to extreme.  That is obvious.   I feel he may acquiesce as we can only pretend to understand the evil blackmail that these people would levy.  ALL of Congress has been compromised.   Ukraine aide has risen to deafening screeching.   The Threat?   Massive annihilation.

Lockheed Martin is sitting on receivables in the neighborhood of $17 billion.   Raytheon is showing $23 billion.  Northrup is $7.2 billion.   You get the idea – the Government entered into “Contracts” with the military complex and now doesn’t have the money to PAY!  In the world of the Mafia, that would mean some legs are being broken and livelihoods destroyed in retaliation…  Which explains the absolute frantic call for Ukraine over America.   The Liberals can’t convince the rhinos that unless the Cartel Bidding is Done – They Will All Perish!

Mike Johnson’s face is pale.

The desperation has reached stratospheric levels as Von der Leyen demands that interest on frozen Russian assets be confiscated and utilized to pay for Ukraine weapons. The obvious problem?   There are no weapons for Ukraine to Buy!   The European and US arsenals are empty of inventory.   Ukraine grain shipped to Poland was dumped in protest.  And revenues are nonexistent given the vast majority of working age men have been conscripted for death.

Given western economies are in the twalette, Zelenskyy is begging Saudi Prince Bin Salman to intercede with money.  His parlay?   Zelenskyy’s ‘peace formula’.   A Peace Deal negotiated without Russia.  A laughable agenda that presupposes Ukraine has won the war and therefore can dictate the surrender of Russia and the criminal persecution of every soldier – and Putin.

Of course, the Western Peace Formula was drafted by The Rothschild Cartel  which has little to no hold over the Middle East – but that doesn’t deter Burlesque Man from begging.

Zelenskyy feels that should Russia not sign the treaty which effectively ensures a COUP, the world must acknowledge that Putin does NOT want Peace.   He speaks while Bin Salman smiles – the audacity, the incompetence… Unfortunately, most world Leaders are well aware of the truth, the criminal activity, and the Zion influence.   Bribing with money is hardly an option.  Blackmailing would backfire in spades.   And Saudi Arabia is more interested in maintaining a global evolution than support a country embedded in broken agreements, bioweapons, and Zionism.   As evidenced by their backtracking and isolating Israel from trade.

In addition, The Middle East, The World, are watching as sanctions, frozen assets, and illegal confiscations in violation of International Law are staged by the Cartel putting everyone on notice that Agreements are meaningless and Judicial Process has been usurped.   Creating a vacuum of distrust that is filled with debris.   The existential SHIFT is most assuredly in the making and The West is on the bottom of the dung heap.

The Middle East thus has absolutely nothing to gain from siding with a broken Ukraine or a Genocidal Israel.   It has everything to gain as a newly minted BRICS member.   But Saudi Arabia’s dangling of The West with a Bugs Bunny carrot is seemingly lost on the communist imperialists and the Burlesque Queen….