Thursday, September 21, 2017

Democracy – The God That Failed - Book Review

Review by Sondra Hixon:
Democracy u2013 The Go...Hans-Hermann HoppeBest Price: $33.10Buy New $38.30(as of 12:40 EDT - Details) book deserves 5 stars for being not only well written but also the only book as yet of its kind. It is a benign ideological argument for a more benign system, deconstructing the myth that the American-style republic is the best of all possible worlds. Hoppe has proven prescient, as he wrote this treatise at the beginning of the current millennium when the United States was still riding high and triumphant as the world’s ‘hyperpower.’ The malaise and breakdown that have set in since then have brought to light the hollow nature of America’s hubristic crowing about having the answer to all the world’s ills, and about how the over-the-top accusations against the King of England in the US Declaration of Independence and other early American republican literature were largely hot air. Essential reading.
Review by Michael Itzoon:
Hoppe explains why Democracy is the monster we should hope to avoid. It appears as a regression when using Monarchy as a comparative model. With such a shocking revelation about Democracy Hoppe provides an alternative by exploring a Natural Order society, so that this may supersede for a better future. Great book. I also enjoyed a refreshing discussion on Austrian economics. Look forward to intriguing examples of high and low time preference.
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