Monday, March 25, 2019

Who Rules America? It is NOT – WeDaPeople, R or D, or even the POTUS!

So who is it? Sadly, most not only do not know – they don’t even ask – assuming that all things will work out as usual – basing their historic perspective on their own life span.
Thank you, our ‘Educayshon’ system has delivered just as designed by guess who – yup, those that DO rule over us!
And the best part for the rulers? Just as Old Scratch, they have convinced most of us they don’t even exist!
See – no accountability is required when you don’t exist – got it?

Today, I could have posted about 8-10 articles, but I chose just two:
Tom Luongo does an excellent job of summarizing the Mueller caper, with special focus on what will likely happen next.

However, keep in mind that whatever follows, it will be designed to distract us from the real culprits. Charles Hugh Smith paints the picture superbly – in fact, he does that so precisely and with perfect brevity, even I can understand it. Read it at least twice – it won’t take long – and see how much sense it makes. Remember – truth is simple!

As Sun Tzu wrote eons ago – If you know your enemy and yourself, you will ALWAYS win; if you only know one or the other, it’s 50-50; if you know neither your enemy or yourself, you will ALWAYS lose!

Is it time to wake up before the coming dawn does it to us?