Monday, May 13, 2019

A CrushNote on our traveling the next few weeks.

There will be few new posts until we reach our first destination.

Remember, this is NOT a news site - it is a library of analysis and insights from some of the best sources in the alternative media - in other words, what most main stream media or our government do not want you to know or understand.

The best way to use this library is by using word search - just enter your query and READ!

Here is an observation that truly concerns me and I phrase it as a question: Do you believe EVERYTHING that you knew or understood from 30+, 20 or even 10 years ago as true? 

My friend, if you do - you are delusional! 

The good news? You have a lot of company!

That is also DaBadNews!

The answer - READ-READ-READ! Library?:)

Everything I have learned has come from what others have written. And yet, too many of us are fighting DaLastWar - in Government-Religion-Politics-Culture!

You can be well grounded on TRUTH - if you PROVE ALL THINGS!

A good place to start - - unfortunately, it only works as a lifetime project! Discovering truth for us mortals is a process, not an end state!

The good news? All things are possible by the grace of God! 
Get to it - NOW!