Thursday, May 30, 2019

Memorial Day! Of What?

We arrived at our first destination in our summer travel – our modern version of the covered wagon did well and we saw a lot of country, some of which was troubling. For instance, we can confirm with our own eyes – the corn crop might be in big trouble this year – fields were water logged through the entire corn belt and I have never seen the rivers we crossed so swollen.

Of course, last weekend was Memorial Day and my concerns are mounting – is it time to stop and ponder what is going on?

First, two articles I posted today – here and here – clearly show that our war making complex in DC is planning new ventures as we speak.

A young American says NO MORE!

In a remarkable and ironic turn of events, our military received an earful when they tried to get some feedback promoting serving in the armed forces.

Finally, a friend sent me this – I dare you to read and look at the picture!

If you have read my website – you know I grew up surrounded by war. As a boy, I was enthused and excited by war games, growing up to be a first class NeoConWarHawk.
I am now recovering!

We have lost all meaning as a nation – while we are unwilling to DEFEND our own borders, our BLOOD and treasure is wasted in every corner of the world most of us cannot locate on a map!

Who exactly is in charge here? It sure is NOT us, folks!