Sunday, January 12, 2020

More Dots Connected on America’s War On World Trade

The evidence is overwhelming - it’s hard to keep up!
If you didn’t read - The War on Terror? No – It’s actually a war on world trade – by America! – start there and come back in a few days. J - Sorry!

Also, before you read the links which follow, I suggest you read about PetroDollars and Michael Hudson’s Trump’s Brilliant Strategy to Dismember U.S. Dollar Hegemony – which was published almost a year ago.

In simple terms – ‘DaWar on Terror’ is just about $$$$$ DaUS Federal Reserve $$$$$$ - specifically about DaUS Dollar! (BTW – that’s the same gang who controls the value of YOUR dollar! A matter of record – DaUS Dollar of 1913 is now worth less than 4 cents – guess who made the profits? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, scan the Fedonomics section or just word search it in DaLimbrawLibrary. On second thought – it might ruin your day. L)

So, how does this legal robbery work? Just one example - "If The US Does That, It'll Lose Iraq Forever" – the only question I have is whether Trump is doing this to just please the robbers or leading them into destroying their own racket – as Michael Hudson wrote a year ago?

We just don’t know yet! Stay tuned – but understand that ‘DaWar on Terror’ is just entertainment by puppets for other puppets – and to keep our attention AWAY from the real culprits and perpetrators. Unfortunately, that entertainment has a price in blood. Read about it - Who Signs Up to Fight? Makeup of U.S. Recruits Shows Glaring Disparity - By Dave Philipps and Tim Arango – all for WHAT? BTW - Notice the ads on TV today for DaUS Military on NFL playoff games – paid for from your tax dollars to recruit soldiers to protect the profits of those billionaire oligarchs who ‘elect’ your legislatures, dictate your laws and determine your cost of living.

If most Americans were aware of the waste of human blood all over DaFreakingWorld for profits for our ruling elites, we would rise up in righteous indignation, but we aren’t – why?
That will be a Dot Connector for another day – the content of which is sitting in DaLimbrawLibrary right now – go find it!

And have a nice day!