Friday, February 19, 2021

2020 made it really hard to take Washington seriously By Richard Jack Rail

The problem with pretending the November election was legit is that we now have to pretend what Nancy and Joe & Gang did to steal it somehow makes it legit.  Nobody wants to just throw up his hands and quit, but upwards of 80 million Americans saw what happened and are in no mood for further games that drive the country ever deeper into bankruptcy, put ever more power in the hands of the unsavory, and jeer in the faces of decent people.

One is hard pressed to imagine how a former president can be impeached.  The term doesn't even make sense, as the whole idea of impeachment is to remove a president from office.  If said president isn't even in office, there's no squaring the circle.  The notion seems to be to close any avenue Donald Trump may use to re-establish himself in national politics.  Not a thing constitutional about it.

That Pelosi & Company fear Trump even out of office is beyond dispute.  He is a threat to their crooked lives because America is no longer blind to the extraordinary criminality that has Washington by the throat.  The hope that was America for centuries was predicated on sincere efforts to hamstring the corruption that otherwise ran rampant across the world.  Now the whole world has seen that not even America can stand honestly in the sunshine.

We read about efforts to "reach across the aisle" and can only shake our heads.  Why reach across the aisle?  With precious few exceptions, Washington is all crooks in it together.  Even Amy Coney Barrett, who broke my heart by abandoning Donald Trump at the crucial moment, apparently is in on the scam.  And I thought her Catholicism, her mother's heart, and her judicial principles meant something.  Boy, did I ever read Amy wrong.  When you can clearly see what's going on and you stand on word games to stay your hand from decisive action to head it off, you are not worthy of the Supreme Court.

Whatever comes out of D.C. anymore is just more taxpayer largesse ladled out to the sticky-fingered.  Adam Smith told us there's a lot of ruin in a nation.  He never imagined; one looks down the road maybe two or three more years before there's just nothing left to steal.

That assumes that ordinary Americans sit on their hands and watch as the crooks go to town.  That may not be what happens.  Real power resides in the offices of the county sheriffs nationwide, who in some cases have plainly stated that BLM criminality will not be tolerated in their jurisdictions.  Making us proud here in Arizona was Darryl Daniels, black sheriff of Clay County, who pointedly warned rioters that if they stepped beyond the bounds of the constitutional in their faux protests, he would deputize legal gun-owners throughout the county to enforce the law.  "You have been warned."

This is the sort of ballsy stand America needs to see more of.  Donald Trump inspired Americans with his patriotism and straightforwardness.  I think it can work again.