Monday, February 22, 2021

The Rump State of America By Eric Peters

Florida may turn out to be the last United State – the Rump Republic of America. The rest of the states having become something un-American (or insufferably cold, such as otherwise American states like South Dakota; but perhaps such places can be warmed up).

Florida seems to be the place, if you want to show your face – without having to cover up the rest of yourself.

It has a governor who reportedly told the president selected to “go f… yourself” after being pressured by him to turn his state into a place like most of the other states, where people are treated like prisoners and “mandated” to not show their faces, notwithstanding the inconvenient truth that Floridians have suffered less from “the virus” than states that have imposed suffering on their populations in the name of “the virus.”

The fact that this fact is not sufficient to end the suffering imposed on the people in other states in the name of “the virus” tells us much about the motives of the politicians imposing the suffering, including the president selected.

This man insists that the borders of Florida be “locked down,” Floridians prevented from leaving the state in the name of “stopping the spread” . . . while also insisting that the border with Mexico be opened, that anyone who comes here from there not be sent back there . . . “the virus” apparently not “spreading” via Mexico or Mexicans.

This same man and the men around him insist that it is racist or something very close to it to expect voters to prove they are eligible to vote, as by showing an ID prior to casting their vote – but insists that people show ID to buy cough syrup.

Unfortunately, that is also “the law” in Florida.

But there is no statewide law – or “mandate” – to wear a leaky Face Condom to avoid “impregnating” others nearby with a sickness you haven’t got (but which you could give them if you did have it, because the Face Condom stops the spread of viruses as effectively as torn condoms prevent sperm from spreading).

A few isolated cankers – Miami, Palm Beach and Tampa – tried to impose the wearing of leaky Face Condoms on people but Governor DeSantis signed an executive order back in September debarring the local gesundheitsfuhrers from imposing fines or penalties on anyone who declines to wear one.

This all by itself makes Florida worth the trip. And perhaps the stay.

It has a governor who uses executive orders to protect the rights of the people from tyranny – and imbecility.

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