Saturday, March 19, 2022

The Great Uncleaving - By Southern Catholic Mom

It is time, after over two years of unchecked government tyranny and unhinged insanity of half the population, for The Great Uncleaving - that is what I am calling for sane people in the West to undertake immediately.

It is time for us to uncleave from those who worship the Covid religion, the “mandate” religions, the face masking and face covering religions, the jab-or-job religions. the BLM religion, the blood-libel-against-White-people religions, the snuffing in assisted living and hospitals religions, the kinky and degenerate religions (LGBTQ?, drag-queen story hour librarians, child-sex propagandists everywhere),  the gardening and self-sufficient hating religions, the government schools loving religions, the war-loving religions, the cop and soldier worshipping religions, the government and government employees worshipping religions, and all other human-hating religions. Please feel free to add to this list.

We, the sane and the good, will have have our own hospitals and our own sane, compassionate medical care systems. We will lovingly and inclusively care for young and old; we refuse to warehouse them into “centers”, “schools”, and “homes” where they are segregated away from family, friends, and community.


Do you really trust the schools, federal zones, where you, the parent, are prohibited, just like guns and drugs are prohibited? Are you, the parent, just another “controlled substance”, like drugs or guns? To the schools you are!

Who gives the government entities that control? You, the parent do, whenever you step into a federal zone or hand over your child to the government employees, bus drivers, janitors, lunch ladies, counselors, testers, coaches, librarians, teachers, administrators, etc. Stop using their “free” “services”, and facilities. Withdraw your children from schools now.


Stop relying on others to supply anything your children need.

– Who provides clothing for your children? You, the parents do!

– Who provides housing for your children? You do!

– Who buys/grows food and makes meals for your children? You do!

– Who provides the education of your children? Do you??

The fact is, you, the parents, are just as responsible for your children’s education as you are for their food, clothing, and housing.

Take full responsibility and educate your own children at home. Stop using excuses. Stop mooching off of taxpayers for “free” education and “free” services. Stop subjecting your children to other people’s ideal of “education”.

Do you really trust what is being done to your child behind the walls of schools? Did you really intend to get married, create children, care for them in the womb, then hastily turn them over to government paid pension-seekers and government schools for thirteen to eighteen years of their lives?


Just so you understand my observations over my last thirty years of rearing my own children and privately tutoring other people’s children: virtually all private and “religious” schools are just Government Schools Plus Tuition.

Private and religious schools teach the same rot and rubbish; they tow the government lines; they seek approval, accreditation, licensure, permission papers, and social justice points. They all happily obey government “mandates”, whether the parents ever signed up for it, or not. “This is who we are” the schools intone, as if they speak for every individual. The private schools often accept government grants and other monies.

Private and religious schools are headed by left liberal progressives, often hired, not from local talent, but, from California progressives or Up East liberals with big credentials behind their names.

Private schools also use retired public school teachers (retirees who are fat with their early retirement pensions) as teachers and other employees within the private schools. This means the government retiree brings their parasitic existence and beliefs with them; they continue to indoctrinate other people’s children; they continue to pull in their tax-fed salary in retirement. Increasingly, government retirement pay is seamlessly the same as the government employment pay was. Retired government teachers haul in retirement pay, and at the same time, take employment pay at the new school.. Avoid these people at all costs!


Whatever happens to your child while in the custody and care (or abuse) of any other entity, even for a minute, will stay with your child forever. Whatever abuse or indoctrination that is set upon your child is YOUR fault. Period. You can not proxy out your parenting. Not ever. Until your child is old enough to thoroughly understand how to protect himself (and, that age varies with each child; but, it is, in my experience, not until age fifteen), you must protect and teach your child how to survive.

You should want to be with your own children and extended family. You should like your own children.

Like it or not, you are your child’s best advocate and his last line of defense. You should especially know who your children spend time with, especially for sleeping overnight or going away on trips. You or a trusted family member should always chaperone your children, especially if they are under age 15.

Our greater American society is not our individual culture or our family culture. We need to return to the basics, and that means, return to centering our social lives around family and our own family’s culture, traditions, and ways. Ultimately, we would do well to have larger families, certainly more than the 1.7 children our people are having presently.


The same responsibility on our part is true for our elderly. We owe them undivided and loving care when they ask for it or truly need it.

Do you want to visit grandma in the sane, compassionate assisted living, cared for by honest, trained, loving people, or do you accept that she will be forever separated from her family because muh Covid-infinty?? Better to have our own facilities and our own people caring for us at the end of our lives.


Unfortunately, just like when church congregations divorce over ideological differences, the betters usually have to leave behind the facilities and infrastructure to the lessors; the betters almost always have to leave and build anew.


We will have healthy marriages and loving families. We will build exclusive communities and living spaces for us. We will educate and care for our own children and descendants. We will write our own histories. We will celebrate and conserve our cultures. We will live in harmony and peace as The Lord provided us. We will reject and segregate out the upstarts, rabble, troublemakers, the “change” makers, the outsiders who hold dual loyalties, and those who just want our genocide.

Let us begin our secession, withdraw our consent, remove ourselves, our children, our brains and brawn. We are the builders, the creators of civilization. We are right. Let us be so convicted of our beliefs.

Let the Great Uncleaving come to pass.

Let us LIVE FREE!!!