Saturday, May 6, 2023

CRIME AND CONSEQUENCE IN AMERICA - A Creative Depopulation Methodology - Helena

The cost to incarcerate one person has risen from roughly $19,000 per year in 2000 to over half a million on Riker’s Island.   In 2021 NYC spent $556,539 per each inmate – having doubled the cost from 2015.   Housing 10,000 inmates, Riker’s annual cost is $5.565 BILLION. The cost to keep someone in solitary vs with the general prison population is roughly 20% MORE.   Could these figures be the real reason cities are allowing crime?   They don’t want to ante up for the Cost?   Or maybe they don’t have personnel?   It is high time we re-introduce slave labor for prisoners.

In 2023 we house about 2.2 million inmates who sit idle while taxpayers foot the bills.

Here is Chicago’s Take on Prison Labor:

U.S. prison labor programs violate fundamental human rights, new report finds. Prison laborers are at the mercy of their employers. They have no control over their work assignments, are excluded from minimum wage and overtime protections, are unable to unionize, do not receive adequate training and equipment, and are denied workplace safety guarantees despite often dangerous working conditions.

They are Criminals!   They are NOT employees.   But maybe they could work off the cost of their incarceration via a standard minimum wage.   Varying by state, let’s use $150,000 per year cost to incarcerate, with a 7 year prison term earning $15 per hour.   At the end of 7 years they would have paid off (interest free) $210,000 on their $1,050,000 debt.   Somehow that is deemed an infringement of human rights.

But that doesn’t begin to address the cost of criminals.   What about ‘reparations’ for the victims?

Once a person is released they must meet with a parole officer, get drug and alcohol testing, and take re-education anger management classes.   All add to the pork belly of debt after prison.   Finding a job is nearly impossible and for many prisoners they are given an envelop with $20 and the boot!

According to prison data, 75% of the costs associated with a prisoner are security and healthcare.    Somewhere in the mayhem of critical thinking, the leftist liberals decided that charging a prisoner for his costs to stay in prison was disgraceful!   How dare they!   A welfare handout – free room and board was mandated –

Prisoner Rights Are More Important Than The Victims.

When advocating for prisoner rights, no one seems at all concerned with the losses endured by the victims.   How Dare They!    Human Rights For Criminals!   But human rights have now become a catch-all for the criminal – so what is the deterrence?   How many times have we heard of ex-prisoners committing crimes so they can return to the life of free room and board?   Saved from the loonies walking the streets!   Saved from the bigger loonies managing our country in what we call Congress.

If we were to imprison Hunter, Blinken, Clinton, etc…   how much do you think it would cost?   Certainly Hillary would demand that her NY State residence be reproduced on prison grounds… complete with pool, sauna, maids, etc…   Her pension is FAR LESS!

Ultimately that is the juggle – the cost to incarcerate vs the cost to commit egregious crimes.   When the local DA and mayor measure these offsets, this is what determines the value of imprisonment.   When a criminal commits crimes, the victim is usually a citizen – not the government.   Therefore allowing criminal activity impacts citizens – NOT the government wallet.   A deflection of cost.

Same Chicago:   What is the annual COST of crime in the US?   Answer = $4.7 to 5.8 Trillion – with a capital T.  

Today we have a black inner city population that is immune to consequence for crime.   Emboldened and egocentric, these persons are committing the most heinous assaults for NO REASON other than the high of adrenaline encapsulated within a universal hatred of everything.

Cities and states are doing nothing to mitigate the risk to innocent citizens – making them complicit in the outcomes.   WHY?   As cities implode in crime, more residents leave, less tax revenue received, more cut budgets, and more CRIME.   It is a Mad Max scenario of primal existence.

Yet in the end, the same Handlers pronouncing Human Rights defense will be the ones opening the gas chambers. Too Far Gone!

The purpose leans toward the WEF Agenda of only the Best 1 billion will survive –   Leaving us to speculate that the destruction and rampant crime within major cities is a siphoning of the elimination of the worst being set up for mass gassing of the ‘riff-raff’.

And their NGO Handlers will be the first in line to press the “Red Button”.

In order to effectively depopulate earth as per the WEF convention, one must first rid the planet of the weakest links.   Those that have no productive value.   IN order to ascertain exactly who those links are – the Cartel has devised a means of undivided animosity toward the criminal mindset.

The methodology worked when inciting a near 50% animosity toward Russia – built on fake Disinformation and Propaganda.   Now they are using this same tool to take out the predominant Black Communities from Large cities.   And NO ONE is complaining.   Not even Blacks!

When looking for military recruits – the same agenda is deployed – if you support drag queen special ops – sign here.   When looking for teachers – the agenda is to find the one most vacant and brain cleaved in order to isolate who is a droid with little – critical thinking. NOT because the military or Education Department have ANY initiative to enhance their agencies and AMERICA – but as a means of isolating the weak and most vulnerable to ‘depopulation’.

CRIMINALS do NOT have human rights because they have denounced those rights within their CRIME.   I fully support the ideology that ALL Criminals should work labor to pay for the cost of incarceration as well as the cost of their crimes to VICTIMS. ONLY when consequence is the Mantra will Crime fade.