Tuesday, May 3, 2016

‘Global warming’s evil twin’: ‘Ocean acidification’ being exposed as another phony crisis - by Thomas Lifson

Just as with purported global warming, hyped by pictures of lonely polar bears floating out to see on a small piece of ice, children have been brought to tears by pictures on another bit of nature’s wonder supposedly threatened by callous mankind’s reliance on hydrocarbons for energy. I refer to the “ocean acidification” scare that, we are told by authoritative sources, will destroy the world’s coral reefs.

In a remarkable piece in the UK Spectator, James Delingpole lays out the evidence suggesting that the ocean acidification “Threat” is just as fraudulent as global warming,  and that it was, in fact, invented from data that required careful excision, just as the warmists had to “hide the decline” in order to produce the infamous “hockey stick graph” that fored the core of Al Gore’s Oscar-winning (and fortune building) An Inconvenient Truth.

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