Saturday, May 14, 2016

Obama’s transgender decree to public schools: what to do now - by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Think your schools are different? Well, even if they were (and they weren’t), they’re not any more. Obama is about to issue an executive letter telling all public schools to allow transgender students and staff to use whatever bathroom they like. Yes, that means sexually confused, unstable, and perverted boys and men entering your girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms—backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.
The directive, which multiple liberal media outlets have called a “decree” from on high, is said not to have the actual force of a law, but, according to Rueters, it “contains an implicit threat that schools which do not abide by the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law could face lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.”
Thus, the threat is that if any local public school refuses to follow the homosexual agenda, to put their daughters in harm’s way and their young men face-to-face with perversion, the Federal government will prosecute you and strip the school of its federal aid.
Money is king in public schools. They cannot get enough of it. The primary and chief goal for every public school at any moment of its existence is to increase its budget. It’s “for the children” of course, but it never ceases. Even the potential of a slight budget cut, say one percent, is enough to send school administrators and teachers’ unions into spasms. Start talking about pulling all federal aid, and you’ll see whose side they are on real quick.
“What’s that, Obama? You say we must let homosexuals cross-dress and invade girls’ bathrooms in our school? But our school is different! I’ll block the bathroom door myself!”
“What’s that? We won’t get federal money? Oh, I meant, I’ll hold the door for them!”
So Christian, what should you do? It’s a no-brainer. You should, without hesitation, do what you should have done a long time ago: pull your kids out of government schools. Government schools are a socialist tyranny. They are a purely socialistic institution, funded by socialism, created and run by socialists in order to turn children into socialist factory workers and government employees.
That’s not my insulting opinion. These are the basic facts of the history and purpose of public education.
As I have outlined elsewhere, the Bible calls for education to be done by families, and that’s the way we used to do it in this country before the liberals and socialists seized control of it. Education in a free society would only and ever be home and private schooling. Government-funded education would not even be an option. And for the Christian, it is not.
Historically, public education in this country was created not just by non-Christians, but by anti-Christians. They created public schools specifically as a replacement for Christian education, to promulgate a rival religion based on humanism and socialism. They sold the idea to Christians using the idea of neutrality in education, and promising it as a means to “Americanize” mass waves of Irish and Italian immigrants landing on our shores at the time. They often used religious-sounding instruction cloaked with patriotism, but were actually denuding the biblical Christian substance from traditional American education.
Further, the industrialists got behind the idea because they immediately saw the potential for public schools churning out single-file lines of uncritical drones, trained to move predictably at bell and whistle, who would make faithful cogs and not question the monotonous purpose into which they had been herded.
And finally, public education was sold to the unsuspecting public under the illusion of being “free”—a lie from the pit of hell if ever there was one. Public education is funded by taxing people’s property and giving the benefits to someone else (that is, the redistribution of wealth), and it is extremely expensive. Not only is this scheme socialistic, it is by far the most socialistic part of American life. It is one place where it can truly be said that state owns the means of production—the very definition of Socialism.
Why, oh why, Christian, will you sell you souls and tithe your children to a God-defying socialist agency? The Bible tells you to teach children at home, not to steal property from others, and to live free. Why, oh why, will you defy your faith in the realm of education?
Why are you surprised when the most fundamental of sexual immoralities becomes the test of faithfulness in a godless institution? The principle was latent and inherent in the system from day one. This decree from Obama is merely the full nature of the system finally becoming manifest.
Let’s be clear: this decree from Obama is not one more evidence of just how radical Obama is. It is more proof of how godless public education is. Obama is not exceptional; he is quite ordinary and quite representative. When a system of so-called education is based upon the heart of immorality— covetousness and theft, i.e., socialism—you are guaranteed that all the other commandments of God will be flouted and trampled as well.
So, don’t wink at the Socialism and then be shocked by the porn. They always will go together. Covetousness gonna covet. Sometimes it covets money, other times little girls. But once you let it in, you let it all in. And when you support the system, you support all of it.
Christian, do not be shocked by what I say here. This warning is not new. I have only said it for years now, and others for many other decades before. And in view of the Federal government’s promotion of the homofascist agenda, I predicted that this very type of attack on local schools would take place. It’s only logical because it’s the nature of the godless system.
And guess what: there will be no escape from it except to get out of the system and delegitimize it completely. Don’t waste any more time, and don’t risk your children any further. Get out now. And we’ll help you.
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