Sunday, May 8, 2016

What's the difference between 'good' and 'bad' trade? - By Sierra Rayne

Regarding "good" and "bad" trade, there are indeed both categories when you look at trade from a national perspective – rather than just that of the individual.  Individuals engage in trade because it is mutually beneficial, but what is good for the individual trader may not be good for the nation.  This statement will set off the libertarians, but conservatism is not about unbounded liberty in commerce or any other facet of life.

Mr. Wilkie asks the following profound question:

Who is to determine what trade is "good" and what trade is "bad"?  Would you rather trust some faceless bureaucrat in Washington with a bunch of letters after his name or Joe Doaks, who is operating a business on Main Street? I believe that the answer is self-evident.

I, too, believe that the answer is self-evident, and it is neither of the options.  It is the collective American public that should determine what trade is "good" or "bad."  And the public is speaking very clearly this election cycle..........