Sunday, August 28, 2016

Proof That Angry White Males Have Every Right to be Angry - By Wayne Allyn Root

Editor’s note: The following is adapted from Wayne Allyn Root’s new book, Angry White Male
The destruction, the annihilation, the conspiracy to destroy the middle class is real. The murder of the middle class is not a theory. It’s not an opinion. It’s not a figment of my imagination. It’s a proven fact.  Three studies were published backing up what I’m saying. Sometimes, timing isn’t important—it’s everything.

Study 1: Pew Research Proves Death ofMiddle Class

definitive study was released by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center.  Yes, Pew is the same research group mentioned earlier who studied and identified the dominant percentage of whites versus minorities among the middle class.  Pew’s latest research reports that between 1999 and 2014 more than four-fifths of America’s metro areas have experienced income declines. Pew’s figures reveal a steady erosion of America’s middle class.
The steepest declines were seen in industrial towns. It is no coincidence that these job and income losses came from the predominantly white working and middle class.  But the trend isn’t just seen in the Midwest or among working class, blue-collar whites. The same trend and the same declines can be found among college-educated white-collar Americans. Pew Research found that even in areas of high-tech reinvention such as Austin, Texas, and Raleigh, North Carolina, incomes are falling and the middle class is shrinking.
Pew found that even in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, where over six hundred thousand new residents have arrived since 2000, heavily weighted toward college degrees, median household income (adjusted for inflation) fell from $83,000 in 1999 to under $76,000 in 2014.
This clearly shows the murder of the middle class. The rich are getting richer, while the poor are taken care of by the government and paid for by middle-class taxpayers. The savaged middle class is being taxed and regulated so heavily to pay for the poor that eventually there will be no more middle-class jobs, no more middle-class families. Our incomes are down, our jobs are disappearing, our bills are escalating, our health care costs are exploding (thanks to Obamacare), and our taxes are dramatically higher. For America’s middle class, this is a disaster of epic proportions.
So now you know why we’re angry. We have every reason to be angry. We’ve been targeted for extinction.

Study 2: Economic Innovation Group Proves there Are No Middle-Class Jobs

The second study was a look at job creation in America. I’ve argued for all eight years of the Obama presidency that his policies are destroying “Main Street.” Yes, Wall Street has been flying, and Silicon Valley has been flying, and the suburbs of Washington, DC are enjoying record income and home price appreciation. But outside of those few places, the economy is D-E-A-D. There are few business start-ups or jobs being created outside of Silicon Valley; Manhattan; Washington, DC; Boston; and Austin. The rest of the country is starving and barren. That’s been my argument for eight long years. Historically, the key to America’s economic success has not been big business or high tech or government. It’s always been small business and start-ups. And today, they are being taxed and legislated out of business, which is why there are no new high-quality middle-class jobs being created.
Sure enough, a new study out by the bipartisan Economic Innovation Group, based on data from the Census Bureau, has shown just that.  The report says exactly what I’ve been arguing for eight long years: small business is being killed by big business. No one opens a bodega or hardware store or health food store or clothing store anymore because they can’t compete with big box retailers. And no one opens a manufacturing plant because all those jobs have been shipped offshore by big business. The little guy is dead. That means entrepreneurship, outside of a handful of well-funded technology start-ups, is dead. That means mobility and opportunity is dead. And that means job creation is dead because business start-ups of two hundred or fewer employees have historically created the bulk of high-quality middle-class jobs. And Obama’s oppressive liberal/progressive policies are responsible for killing those start-ups.
We’re in big trouble, folks. And guess who lives in all these vast swaths of rural areas: middle-class white people. Outside of New York or San Francisco or Austin or DC, middle-class white people see no future. They see no way out of their crappy circumstances. No mobility. No opportunity to do better than their parents. This is the murder of the predominantly white middle and working class. And it’s the reason for angry white males. It’s also the reason for the Donald Trump phenomenon. Read the exact conclusion of the Washington Post story about this study:
Polling suggests it is one of the driving forces in the political unrest among working-class Americans—particularly rural white men—who have flocked to Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign this year.

Study 3: Center for Immigration Studies Proves Illegal Immigrants Are Coming to America for the Welfare

There is a third part to Angry White Male. First is the murder of the middle class. Second is the death of small business and job creation. The third part is about native-born Americans being overrun by an invasion of foreigners, in particular illegal aliens.
While this “murder of the middle class” is happening due to liberal policies of tax, spend, regulate, and sue, the reality is that our wide-open borders are an even bigger problem. America is literally being invaded, and the liberal and political elite are not only doing nothing to stop it, they are encouraging it.
Of course, those of us who want to stop this invasion are called racists. The media, big business, and big government politicians (even establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush) claim these illegals are coming here “out of love.” Well, the facts are in. It is indeed out of love—a love of welfare and government checks!
Immigrants, in particular illegal immigrants, aren’t coming for a love of America’s ideals. Most are coming here to collect welfare. And who pays for this massive transfer of wealth? Yes, the predominantly white middle class, the working and taxpaying people of America. The angry white male.
Not only do illegals get tons of “free stuff,” but they take our jobs, they hold down our wages, they overwhelm and bankrupt our schools and health care system, and they explode the national debt. They are even assigned civil rights lawyers. And get this one: they get “earned income tax credit” checks from the IRS even though they are here illegally. This is madness.
To make it worse, the guilt-ridden white liberal politicians and media lie. They tell us it’s not happening. They say the border is fine. They say there is no problem. They say illegals are not flowing over the border. They say immigrants are a net positive for America. They say all this while illegals collect record-setting government entitlements, while Obama budgets $17,000 per illegal child—more than a life-long American-born worker gets from Social Security after a lifetime of hard work and paying into the system. To pay for it all, Obama cut billions from veterans to hand those same billions to illegal aliens. But folks, there’s no problem, nothing to see, move along.
No more arguing or debating. Illegals flow across that border for one primary reason: a love of our generous welfare system. The proof is now in. Keep in mind these statistics were provided by our own federal government. Illegal immigrants collect more in welfare benefits than native-born Americans. See the facts. We are letting people flood across the border to bankrupt our country, to overwhelm our economic system, to create shortages and economic crises for native-born Americans. As Donald Trump would say, “How stupid can we be?”
Where does the money come from to pay for all this? It comes primarily from the predominantly white middle class.  Not only are these millions of illegals taking away American jobs, they are also suppressing middle-class wages by supplementing their low incomes with welfare benefits. To add insult to injury, those benefits are paid for with higher taxes on the middle class, much higher health insurance costs on the middle class, much higher property taxes on the middle class, much higher sales taxes on the middle class, and a much higher national debt, which will be paid back by even higher taxes on the children and grandchildren of the American middle class.
Is it any wonder I’m an Angry White Male?
It is a national disgrace and disaster. But one thing it’s not is a coincidence, bad luck, or bad timing. This is all part of a plan targeting the predominantly white middle class. Liberals claim it is about social justice. In truth, it is about filling the country with foreigners who are dependent on welfare from big government, and therefore can always be counted on to reliably vote Democrat for higher taxes, bigger welfare checks, and even bigger government.
It’s all part of a plan to create a vicious cycle. Government taxes and regulations make it difficult to survive. Government makes it difficult to run a business. Government makes us poorer. Government makes us dependent. All of this means we don’t have money to make political contributions anymore. I’ve personally cut my contributions to GOP candidates dramatically. But we all know that in politics, money is power, money is victory. Then to double the pain, government purposely keeps the border wide open to invite in foreigners who want bigger government and more welfare from cradle to grave. Government also makes it easier for them to vote without ID. Then both legal and many illegal immigrants exercise this massive conflict of interest by voting reliably for more welfare checks and higher taxes. All at the expense of the dying middle class.
To write this, to report this, isn’t racism. This is simply the truth about what is happening to America and the pre- dominantly white middle class. It doesn’t make any group “bad.” It’s not an attack on Hispanics. It’s not an attack on foreigners. I’m simply reporting the facts. This is happening. This is a purposeful plan. I don’t even blame the people who are accepting this welfare. They are just accepting what is being offered. The blame goes to pathetic, guilt-ridden white liberals and their cronies in the liberal media, big business, and political establishment.
Their goal is to fundamentally change America by overwhelming the system and changing the ethnic demographics of the electorate away from the predominantly white middle class. And it’s working.
This is no mirage. This isn’t guesswork. It’s not my opinion. It’s real, it’s happening. It’s the reason for the angry white male phenomenon. And it’s the very foundation of the Donald Trump phenomenon. Trump leaped past the deepest GOP field in history—sixteen governors, senators, and superstar politicians—based on a promise to build a wall, secure the border, and enforce immigration laws.  
Now you understand why Trump won the GOP nomination. Now you understand why angry white males (and many others) are angry. We have every right to be. The cannons are being aimed right at us. It’s time to fight back in self-defense.
P.S. Long term, even more dangerous than the primarily Hispanic illegals coming to collect free things is the government-endorsed and -aided policy of flooding America with Muslim immigrants, legal and illegal. Unlike other immigrant groups, relatively few Muslims have indicated any interest in accepting American values and assimilating themselves into the great American melting pot. As demonstrated throughout Europe, this is a group focused on establishing separate communities with their own laws and values, biding their time until they can impose their values on the rest of us. It even has a name. Spreading Islam through colonization is a “jihad” (the religious duty of Muslims to maintain and spread their religion). America is being invaded, not by military force, but by the policies of the radical left. Their goal is to fill this nation with foreigners who have no understanding or interest in American exceptionalism, American values, culture, freedom, or personal responsibility. They want white males to become foreigners in our own land