Monday, August 22, 2016

The West won the Cold War and is losing the peace - Vox Day

The West won the Cold War, and thanks to arrogance and a dedication to diversity, appears to already be losing the peace:
A report leaked to The Times newspaper says that the British army would be "vulnerable" in the battlefield against Russia and that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have a "significant capability edge" in state-on-state warfare.

The Times revealed the report, which was produced by the British army, on Wednesday. It warns that the UK and its NATO allies are "scrambling to catch up" with Russia, which enjoys significant advantages in pretty much every key aspect of warfare.

Specifically, the report explains how Russia's arsenal of weapons — which includes rocket launchers and advanced air-defence systems — are much more powerful than what Britain's military has at its disposal.

Even major developments Britain has planned will not match up to Russia's firepower. A planned £3.5 million ($4.6 million) fleet of lightly armoured vehicles will be "disproportionately vulnerable" to Russian rocket fire in a warfare scenario.

It is not just physical warfare in which Moscow has a clear edge, the report says. Russian intelligence has mastered the art of hacking and disturbing radar signals, meaning the effectiveness of British and NATO weaponry and aircraft operated using GPS navigation is under serious threat.
Of course, given the way in which Russia is now the defender of white Christians and the USA and the United Kingdom are the champions of secular diversity, these developments are considerably less worrisome than they would have been back in the 1980s.

It turns out that Sting was wrong.
The Russians not only love their children too, they observably love their children, their heritage, and their nation considerably more than the English or the Americans do.