Thursday, September 29, 2016

False fears, fake refugees - (We are paying for our own suicide?)

It is increasingly clear that the sob stories about the desperate refugees fleeing war have been nothing but pro-migrant propaganda from the start:
Migrants with recognised refugee status are holidaying in the countries they supposedly “fled”, with their vacations funded by German taxpayers, a newspaper has found. Newspaper Welt am Sonntag learnt that migrants are returning to countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Lebanon for holiday purposes, then travelling back to Germany where they continue to receive comfortable welfare payments.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has been aware for some time that some recognised refugees are taking leisure trips to the very spots they claim their lives are in danger.

The government body sent a written request to Berlin’s employment agencies in June, asking that they report the travel arrangements of migrants granted asylum holidaying in their countries of origin.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Employment Agency confirmed that “there are such cases” but reports that there is “no analysis or statistics on this subject and therefore we do not have information”.
It's time to repatriate every single "refugee" and migrant that has claimed asylum in Europe or the United States. They are invaders and economic parasites, they are not "new Americans" or "new Germans" and they will never be.

And the churches and charity organizations who aided and abetted this treasonous, criminal activity should be investigated, fined, and if they knowingly helped the migrants defraud the public, have their licenses to operate removed.

As for those foolish enough to claim that the West has to help them, keep in mind that Nigeria is on track to have a population of 509 million by 2050 thanks to Western assistance. The West needs to stop helping the global South now or it is going to have to choose between a) mass slaughter and b) being completely overrun.

It will choose (a) of course. And all the blame for the bloodshed should be placed directly on the heads and hands of the Churchians and do-gooders and aid workers who made it possible. They fed the world. They let them know it was Christmastime. And they guaranteed that considerably more people will eventually starve or be slaughtered than would have died in the first place.

How on Earth do you think a bankrupt, invaded, infuriated West is going to be in any position to help a global South that is more than 10 times worse off than before anyway? Do any of you idiot do-gooders even think beyond later this afternoon?

I'm not talking about being cruel to be kind. I'm talking about letting events take their course in order to avoid our children and grandchildren wading knee-deep in blood in the future. And that's the rosy scenario.