Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Alt-Right big tent - Vox Day comments on an article by Lawrence Murray

Lawrence Murray's summary of the Alt-Right big tent has nine fewer points than mine, but I agree with all seven of them:
I would emphasize that by necessity the alt-right is a “big tent” philosophy. Ideally this means that it functions as an intellectual alliance between other philosophies that embrace most or all of its core principles. Therefore it is counter-productive for any of these philosophies attack one another more than they attack outside philosophies. Some people call this no enemies on the right or no enemies to the right, the latter being less inclusive, but what is most important ultimately is to not throw competent people who agree with you on major issues to the wolves. Having clear battle lines is crucial because it ensures we are our own moral authority rather than a third party that is opposed to most or all of our beliefs, which is a major problem if not the problem  with the mainstream right.

1) People are different. Human inequality is a fact of life and belief systems that deny this lead to distortion and oppression. Both individuals and populations vary in their characteristics in meaningful ways, such as intelligence and social behavior. One size does not fit all, not comfortably at least.

2) Our world is tribal. The struggle for survival which has produced all life on earth extends into biological human races, which both exist and matter to their members. Such conflict is neither immoral nor moral, but a condition we must engage with in order to develop any meaningful philosophy or ideology. It can be found on the streets, in the human resources department, at the ballot box, or in the trenches. Even something as trivial as the Oscars is fought over. Though it is currently politically incorrect to acknowledge that races and their national subdivisions exist and compete for resources, land, and influence over one another or over themselves, that does not mean the struggle has stopped. That one side has been cajoled into not struggling does not mean it is left alone.

3) Our tribe is being suppressed. The new left doctrine of racial struggle in favor of non-whites only, a product of decolonization and the defeat of nationalists by egalitarians after WWII, must be repudiated and Whites must be allowed to take their own side in their affairs.A value system that says Whites are not allowed to have collective interests and literally every other identity group can do so and ought to do so is unacceptable.
The key observation is the seventh one. There is a vast range of opinions across the Alt-Right with regards to the Jewish Question. The hardcore 1488ers would just as soon complete the Final Solution, while on the other end of the spectrum, there are Alt-Right Jews who enthusiastically sign on to all of my 16 Points. As per Point 5, I think Jewish nationalism is every bit as valid and meritorious as that of the sovereign American Indian tribes or White nationalism, and therefore am an open supporter of Israel as the ancestral homeland of the Jewish nation.

But regardless, the entire Alt-Right, from Ultra 1488er to ethno-religious Israeli, can, in clean conscience, readily agree to Murray's seventh point of concurrence: "Jewish elites are opposed to our entire program."

The most certain sign that the Alt-Right will be relevant in the future is that a number of (((entryists)))) are already clamoring to be a part of it. My perspective is that if you feel the need to ask, the answer is no. If you're looking for inclusivity and permission and goodfeelz, or sperging out about pedantics and structure, you'll do better with the SJWs. They'll be happy to tell you exactly what to do, think, and say. Regardless, I'm neither the Alt-Right Police nor a political taxonomist, so don't ask me who is or is not what. I am happy to support anyone whose actions are generally in line with the 16 Points I laid out.