Sunday, September 4, 2016

It is our duty to preserve our nations for our children. - Geert Wilders

Action: It is our duty to preserve our nations for our children.

(((Reaction))): redefine "preserve", "nation" and "children".

What most Americans don't realize is that (((globalist propagandists))) are now pushing the same deceitful game of redefinition in their attack on the nations of Europe that they successfully pushed in the United States in the 20th century.

But even the dumbest, most maleducated and historically ignorant American, who blithely accepts the idea that George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin believed their posterity to consist of Bantu tribesmen, cannibals from Papua New Guinea, and Chinamen in founding "a nation of immigrants", will tend to raise his eyebrows in befuddlement at new and outlandish claims about "Britain is a nation of immigrants", "the Judeo-Christian identity of the Swedish nation" and "all nations are nations of immigrants".

I cannot stress this enough. All four of the following phrases are ahistorical lies, and moreover, they are lies that are now being recycled to attack Europe in the same way they were used to destroy the genuine historical concept of the American nation.
  • The melting pot
  • A proposition nation
  • A nation of immigrants
  • Judeo-Christian values
  • "all men are created equal" means "everyone is an American"
And the European nationalists all know it too.

"If we could just get our definitions straight I'm sure we'd find we actually AGREE on the important points"

- Saint Cuck the First