Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mapping the Rising Tide of Color - by Lothrop Stoddard (This is the full text with maps detailing the full scale war on the white race.)

Something I have written about time and time again is the issue of White demographic decline in the United States. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but before anyone can even get to why, they need to take stock of what is actually happening and assess the damage. And to get there in the first place, they have to care about it. Without racial consciousness, the entire project of White nationalism is lost.
One motivation that is often pathologized and viewed as a neurotic or weak is fear. How fear is understood varies. One could take a cautious person, or someone with a low time preference, or someone who believes in stability over risk, and belittle them as frightened and fearful. But fear is powerful, because it is the desire to avoid, for lack of a better phrase, bad outcomes. Is there an outcome worse than extinction?
The reason I harp so much on the demographic question is because I don’t want my descendants to have fight their last stand in the woods of Vermont.
Well, that’s a silly thing to say, isn’t it? What are you even talking about? Last stand? What, you think you’re going to get wiped out? Just because America is becoming a non-white majority society doesn’t mean you are being exterminated. I mean sure, you’ll be outnumbered and deprived of political and socio-economic power, but like, what are you, a racist?  That’s just a reflection of our global and diverse world. And sure, you are already hated for being a heterosexual White male oppressor and people who feel this way politically are poised to be permanently in power within a few decades, but like, too bad. You’re just afraid. Also muh Indians.
Just because our ((((civil society)))) has decided that nationalism is low status and that [White] racial identity is a social construct, it does not change the fact that our in-group is being systematically replaced across this country by federal immigration laws, affirmative action policies, HUD, etc. All that is being changed is our attitude towards it. In the 1920s, Americans would have overwhelmingly and vocally opposed these changes, and no, not just in the South.
America’s demographic changes are real, and they are celebrated by the Democratic party, which believes it will get a permanent majority at the federal level and in many states once it becomes impossible to elect Republicans due to a dwindling White population. This is something which should certainly give all conservatives and Republicans a reason to pause when thinking about the immigration and race-relations debates in this country, and something every White person should at least be aware of so they can have an informed opinion on their destiny as a people on this continent.
The States
Below are some maps I have created from the 2010 US Census, and a subsequent 2011 report issued by the Census Bureau. These official federal documents contain two crucial data sets: 1.) the percentage of the officially-termed non-Hispanic white population in each state, and 2.) the percentage of births to non-Hispanic white couples. N.b. I strongly prefer to use the term Anglo-American to refer to English-speaking White Americans over non-Hispanic White, though here I will use the term Anglo White for obvious clarity.