Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A comment on today's posts by daCrush

Today's posts start out with articles about the action in Syria - both historic and current opinion by the authors. If you're confused by what's going on, you're not alone - so join the crowd.
My own personal take is that I am most disturbed by the constant narrative of "Assad did it!" - as if it was fact. Based on investigation of the 2013 "Assad did it!" - the evidence from various sources shows it was not - but the narrative remains. Why?
The article by Charles Hugh Smith might throw light on the 'Long Game' - I strongly suggest you read it - and then watch as events develop.
A note to you mentors: This is not a news site like Drudge or Infogalactic. Remember - our job is to read, absorb and weigh the evidence - and then teach others to do the same. We all have a responsibility to become mature adults in order for us to become functional self-governing adults in a law abiding civilization - and not BigGuvmint mobots.