Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Since when did people start going to college to get stupid? - By Patricia McCarthy

Good question.  Amazingly, it was a line in a new network television program, Chicago Justice, another in the long list of Dick Wolf-produced crime-legal shows.  Carl Weathers of Rocky fame speaks the line; he plays the district attorney of Chicago.  It was shocking to hear the question uttered in a prime-time drama.  Of course there was a murder in this television episode, and the murderer turned out to be a young girl besotted with her radical leftist, anti-gun professor.  Her victim?  A pro-gun conservative on their campus.
Real life these days is stranger than fiction.  Even Orwell could not have imagined how far we have surpassed all he imagined in 1984 – especially on college campuses.  Higher education in America has been utterly destroyed by the left since the tenured radicals of the 1960s took control of it.  Now our campuses are virtually totalitarian in nature.  Stanford just admitted an applicant who is not black but who wrote "Black Lives Matter" a hundred times on his application.  Forget all the serious students who took the application question – "What matters to you and why?" – seriously.  They are toast, cast upon the funeral pyre of diversity and freedom of thought in favor of the anti-merit (racist), pro-ethnic diversity but anti-diversity of thought mindset of college admissions officials.
Wellesley has demeaned itself by printing a fascist screed by a student who writes poorly and has not a clue about what our Constitution says or means.  She is opposed to freedom of speech.
Too many of these young people think no one should be able to utter a word they find unacceptable.  Not a word.  Like those who think persons who do not take human-caused climate change seriously should be jailed, our universities have become Orwellian factories that churn out properly indoctrinated robots who dare not deviate from the party line.  The professors are indeed making their students stupid.  There is no education going on at most universities these days – only the ever escalating indoctrination to blinkered dogma by professors who are products of their own college pseudo-educations.  They have been intellectually incapacitated and then are turned loose, hired by prestigious universities, to incapacitate their unwitting students, who have been similarly indoctrinated by their high school teachers to swallow whole whatever nonsense college throws at them.  Conservative students, an actual minority, are shunned, berated, and downgraded by fellow students and professors.  They either submit to their professors' singular ideology or are damned.
There are glimmers of sanity on the horizon.  College Fix, Chronicle of Higher Education, Campus Reform, FrontPage, and Minding the Campus are sites that fight back against the rushing totalitarian tide of university indoctrination.  David Horowitz does tireless and often thankless work on campuses to fight the anti-Semitism that has become de rigueur.  He is usually shouted down, as have been Charles Murray, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, etc.
Our young people have been taught to hate, to revile, to shut down any speech with which they disagree.  This happens at the most prestigious colleges in the country, colleges that cost fifty and sixty thousand dollars a year to attend.  Parents who are paying for this are dupes.  They are, as Dennis Prager often says, guaranteeing that their children will not graduate with the values with which they were raised.  That is the plan of the left.  Their professors will teach that the nuclear family is the most destructive institution in the West.  They will teach that gender is a social construct.  Students will not be taught that capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other -ism in history.  They, our vaunted professoriate, will teach that a toddler's rubber duck is a symbol of the horrors of capitalism, racism, and the destruction of the environment.  They will disparage great English and American literature as racist and invalid.  Shakespeare has been nullified on most university campuses, his image defiled along with the other dead white males of our literate, intellectual past.
The bottom line? There is a cancer spreading on our university campuses.  Anyone who has had sons or daughters in college over the past eight years knows how catastrophically universities have lurched to the radical left.
Do not let your kids go to college unless it is Hillsdale or a reasonable facsimile thereof.  Keep them home; give them great books to read; let them work at any job that comes their way and watch Prager University videos.  They will be more informed, better citizens, better people, and better parents for skipping college at this moment in time.
Perhaps, if Carl Weathers can ask the question "since when did people start going to college to get stupid?" on a prime-time television program, the leftist grip on higher education and all things cultural will soon begin to loosen.