TT - I commend you on your article - there is no greater need in the world than growing to maturity? Our culture in the US - whether in church, education, government, politics - is infantile at best. Why? Hebrews 5:11-14
The disciples of Antonio Gramsci who control our education system create Guvmint Mobots by the millions. Our churches dispense pabulum from the pulpits and expect maturity in the pews - and get Kumbaya instead.
There is not a single institution unaffected by infantilism!
From student safe zones to churchian safe enclaves, preparation for developing mature self governing adults is non-existent!
So what to do?
It is with that specific purpose I started a website and blog-archive for mentors two years ago - you can just google my name to find both - the website explains my basic premise and links with the archive for mentoring. I don't claim all truths - I just present a challenge.
There is no government approval required - no certificates issued - just a desire to develop your own knowledge base and help others to do the same. Be the mentor in your family, church and community!
Discovering truth is a process for us imperfect human beings - not an end state!
Too many of us are not just ignorant, we pride ourselves in "What we know - which just ain't so!"
The Bible admonishes us to examine ourselves and prove all things - do we do so continually?
Each of us is responsible to our Maker - we are here for a reason - and it is not for spiritual navel gazing. We are to make disciples of all nations - and if we don't start with our own families and those nearest and dearest to us - where are we?
Get to work!