Monday, May 1, 2017

A quick note from Crush for our readers and mentors.

We will be traveling for the next few weeks - so new posts will arrive sporadically - depending upon time and access to the internet.
As a reminder again, this is not a news site - it is an accumulating archive of insights and analysis designed for mentors and anyone who wants to familiarize themselves on the subjects covered.
Also, mentoring is not a one time achievement with a certificate to prove it - it is a lifelong learning process, and should be the catalyst to encourage others to do the same - so that the habit of 'proving all things' is spread to out families, friends, churches and communities - and who knows, it might even trickle into our culture and politics, eh!:)
You can do this yourself, but I just word searched 'mentor' and the first four articles here should be helpful a good review - - 
Thank you for visiting and let's keep rolling!