Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mastery in Your Field - By Gary North

Mastery is not taught in classrooms, where the training is for people in the middle of the bell curve. Mastery is self-taught.

Prior to YouTube, we rarely saw examples of mastery. Now we can.

First, archery. -  (Mind boggling)

Second, handgun marksmanship.
I recommend that everybody select a particular area of life in which he or she may have the capability of mastery. It usually takes years of grunt work to prepare for mastery. It takes years of searching to find an area of life in which you have at least an outside possibility of mastery. 

You may not get paid for it. Others may not recognize the degree of skill you have developed. But you will know.

You may not be good enough to get a million hits or more on a YouTube video, but if you work hard enough and long enough, you will be good enough to produce a training video on YouTube, and then somebody who has the innate skills can become a master.

YouTube now enables people with considerable skills to leave a legacy. They can show younger people the basics of a particular skill. Then a handful of these people can and will devote their years to gaining a level of mastery that even the teacher was not capable of achieving.

In your own field, do you think you have this capability of mastery? I suggest that you attempt to achieve it. If, after two decades, you have not achieved it, then it will be time for you to produce a course on how to begin.

All of this is possible with YouTube. YouTube is a tremendous technology for leaving a legacy. 

This is why you need a YouTube channel. To get started, click here.
Encourage your children or grandchildren to do the same.