Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Geert Wilders for Voice of Europe: “The Patriot Spring is not over yet. It is just beginning.”

Geert Wilders is leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in The Netherlands.
With 1.3 million votes his party became the second largest in the latest elections in March this year. The main themes of the Party for Freedom are: de-Islamisation, leaving the EU and better healthcare.

VoE: What is happening in Europe?
Wilders: We are being conquered by Islam. Not only through acts of terror but mostly through a process of population replacement. Our people are being substituted and the consequences will be devastating because the bulk of the massive flow of immigrants replacing the indigenous Europeans are Islamic. Islam is a dangerous totalitarian ideology, Islam hates us and intends to wipe away all our Western values and freedoms.
Everything the EU does makes matters worse.
VoE: What is the role of the EU in the migrant crisis?                               
Wilders: Instead of stopping it, the EU is facilitating the process of population replacement. The open border policies imposed by the EU on its member states prevent these countries to control their own borders. The EU Court of Justice dismisses sovereign laws of member states and tramples on their rights to approve who enters their countries. The EU is forcing countries to take in quotas of (mostly Islamic) immigrants. EU Frontex ships pick immigrants up at sea and transport them to the EU instead of sending them back. Everything the EU does makes matters worse.
VoE: Can Europe be saved?
Wilders: Yes, but only if we get rid of the EU, restore national sovereignty and de-Islamise our societies. And that is exactly what we intend to do.
VoE: What is the task of this generation?
Wilders: We are facing an existential crisis. If we do nothing, we will cease to exist. This generation will either be the last free generation in Europe, or it will be the first of a new European renaissance. This generation decides whether the generations after it will still be living in a free and democratic Europe or whether they will be living in the Islamised continent of Eurabia.
More and more people want to save their nation and its national identity
VoE: What about the wave of populism you predicted?
Wilders: I predicted a wave of patriotism and I have been proven right. More and more people want to save their nation and its national identity, its values, traditions and freedoms for their children and grandchildren. In the Netherlands, the PVV, a party which barely existed ten years ago, has become the second biggest party in the country. In France, Marine Le Pen made it to the second round in the presidential elections, with one in three people voting for her. In Austria, a patriot almost became President. In Britain, the people voted for Brexit. In Eastern Europe, governments that want to protect their countries against Islam are immensely popular. The Patriot Spring is not over yet. It is just beginning.
VoE: Would you like to see Ayaan Hirsi Ali to join your party?
Wilders: I greatly respect Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is a very brave and intelligent woman. But your question is hypothetical since she does no longer lives in The Netherlands.
VoE: What are your plans for the future? Is there a plan if something happens to you?
Wilders: Our plan is to expand the party even further and embed it even deeper in Dutch society. Next year, we will participate in dozens of municipal elections all over the country. We already have a strong and competent group in both Houses of Parliament, in all the provincial councils and in the European Parliament. I do not intend to leave politics for a very long time.
I read Voice of Europe every day and draw a lot of information and insights from it.
VoE: What is your opinion on Voice of Europe?
Wilders: I greatly admire your valuable and unique work. I read Voice of Europe (VoE) every day and draw a lot of information and insights from it. We are fortunate to have VoE as an antidote to the indoctrination by the fake media. I wish you luck and hope that ever more Europeans will find their way to you.