Saturday, October 21, 2017

How To Be Famous - By David Hathaway

Brush up on these tips and you may be well on your way to being chiseled in marble.
  1. Write a theory of economics that glorifies state plunder. The state-run universities will then buy your book and make it required reading.  Grammar and logical foundation do not matter.
  2. Learn to scare people.
  3. Start a War and kill a million people.
  4. Put your picture on money.
  5. Put a bunch of people in prison. The reason doesn’t matter.  It can be for ethnic reasons, speaking out of turn, operating a business, or possessing a substance.
  6. Take a bunch of money from people and start a national greatness project like exploring a heavenly body.
  7. Repeat items 2 and 3: Start another war and kill another million people when people tire of the first one.
  8. Fight nature.
  9. Make people worship you and sing songs about your greatness.
10.Make yourself into God.

Don’t do what Ludwig Von Mises did.  Telling the truth gets you little in a state-dominated society.  As he told his wife Margit, “I write about money, but I’m never going to have much.”
David Hathaway [send him mail] is a former supervisory DEA Agent. He is a cowboy and aficionado of LatinAmerica where he has lived and traveled extensively. He is a homeschooling father of nine children and maintains the website"

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