Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Do We Already Know How To Cure Cancer? - Review by Linda Beckman

Review by odc:
We Already Know How to...Bill SardiCheck Amazon for Pricing.

I believe this man. He knows. The research is always top notch when Bill Sardi is involved. He nails down the White Coat scare that is going on in cancer treatment today. Do your self a favor and read this so you are not in the dark on this disease. You don’t have to die from cancer. Start educating yourself, no one cares more about your health than you: this short book will be a good start.
Review by Linda Beckman:
This is written in an easy to read book and gives the reader some clear instructions on things to do to treat cancer. My husband has a spot on the back of his ear which was not healing. We started treating it by eliminating added sugar, pasta, and bread and we have seen a great improvement after 2 months of this. I would recommend this book for all, as we all are prone to cancer due to the sprays and GMOs that are in our foods.
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